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'91 200 quattro - yay or nay?

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    '91 200 quattro - yay or nay?

    It's a pearl white wagon for sale nearby me - seller wants $4200. It's super clean; 130,000 miles, one owner, no problems whatsoever. I figured it would be really nice for snowboarding trips and winter driving in general.

    For people who know nothing about Audis, '91 was the last year for the (boxy) 200 body style, and it was the only year the 20V 2.2 I-5 (turbo) was available in this body style. Around 900 of these cars were imported in 1991. The car is a 5 speed (otherwise I wouldn't be interested) and seriously, it is really nice.

    From what I know about them, this particular engine is VERY reliable, and is capable of 280+hp with just a chip. Anybody have any information that I would find useful? Thanks.

    p.s. It has 15" BBS basketweaves! ;-)

    my vote, nay. 900 in the US doesn't bode well for parts/service availability

    A 4x4 toyota pickup for half the price will probably run twice as long


      #3 the best audi site for serious performance numbers.

      To top it off you are in the proper neck of the woods for Audis.... N.E.


        I still have a 90 Quattro 20V. Great winter/road trip cars. Too expensive to maintain though. The interior is awesome and you can cruise all day at 90mph and get 25mpg, but the cost:fun ratio is just not that great in my opinion.


          While the 20v motor will last probably longer than the car youll spend a buttload on every other thing in the car which will break. My buddy had a 90 quattro as well with the 20v turbo swap and the car litteraly would run for maybe a day before breaking. Man was it fast though, and comfortable.
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