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E30 factory options and original prices

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    Originally posted by nando View Post
    ^ says to not take investment advice from random forum posters, proceeds to give long winded post about investment advice.. uhhh.

    I must be doing well above average then.. *shrug* :)

    And he gives bad advice at that.

    Leading by example I guess
    Originally posted by Sonny
    I am a meme for our community.


      Originally posted by Ygtbsm1969
      So buy a E30 for $12,000 and take care of it, enjoy it and in 10 or 20 years sell it for 24,000 or maybe more. E30 in nice maintained condition will not lose value and will keep its own against inflation.

      It's not a replacement for savings, investments, or real-estate but they diversify your portfolio, and it's not taxed. I would also rather change the oil on my cars than check the email for my new balance.
      Talking about cars as financial investments is silly with values of non-M E30s where they are. I ran the numbers, and it doesn't make any sense.

      Talking about them as investments in mental health to go out and run to redline a few times, or do a valve adjustment for some wrench therapy- that I can do. I pay money for those smiles per mile.

      I need to dig out the window sticker from my first '90 325i.

      Originally posted by AwakenNoMore View Post
      Cirrus Blue missing from the paint list? oopsie
      Fun story: Glasurit Color-Online doesn't list Cirrus Blue as a color for 3-series cars from 1988-1991. I mean, you can't even bring it up in a search of BASF's mixing software.
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        Originally posted by nando View Post
        i had the window sticker for mine somewhere. It was like $45,000 in 1991.. Pretty crazy if you think about it. That's like $85k in today's dollars.

        If you bought a brand new m3 and stuck it in a bubble, it might be worth $500k if you work at eag. But if you put that same $40,000 into stocks back then, you'd probably have 5x that much.

        Moral of the story: Drive your cars and enjoy them, because they're not going to make you rich..
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