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1:18 scale M3 Update Part 2

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    1:18 scale M3 Update Part 2

    well its been some time now, and i finally had time to work on the 1:18 scale M3. here is how far I got along today. the wheels are drying from the clear coat now and should be done.

    gonna have my plates printed out and past them on

    trying to paint the tails from the inside

    first coat on the seats ( probably have to do 2-3 coats)

    smoked front end (will try to do the smikeys and the cross hairs in the highs

    CF front splitter (have to take it into work and trim it up a bit

    brake ducts painted in

    LOLz slotted rotors and Brembo calipers (gotta love the exacto knife)

    ill have more updates as the car comes along

    Cool. I did something similar to a 1:18th Dodge Ram i have. There's nothing like putting personal touches to something.
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      Originally posted by E30 Reaktionär View Post
      Cool. I did something similar to a 1:18th Dodge Ram i have. There's nothing like putting personal touches to something.
      basically it had a gold engine block.
      Racing Dynamics green suspension. cut the shit out of the struts to lower it, and a custom cage.
      you cant tell, but i had to post a pic.
      if you go to Matts house, its on the shelf under neath the dildo lube i think.
      oh! and yellow drift stripe on Steering wheel,Smoked corners. : )

      PS had it been a sick e30 m3 model and not a wallmart model i would of done a better job.
      i have a 635 and a 318 on my shelf that im scared to mess up.


        I got that 320i model. I need to finish it though.

        1992 BMW 325iC
        1978 Chevrolet Monte Carlo
        1965 Chevrolet Corvair Monza 140hp


          Sweet Yan!
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            Holy fuck....... your patience is very inspiring.


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              that's just plain awesome

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              when i grow up, i hope to be a dom.


                Originally posted by CleanAzzE30z View Post
                Holy fuck....... your patience is very inspiring.

                lol or the lack of it. i have to stripp the paint off the rear gurney flap and repaint it. 4 coats on the seats. very very thin. its killing me


                  if i had a working camera i would take pics of my "beeter" 1:24 scale e46 328ci. mad lowering springs and -alot camber, tucking alot of rubber in the back.
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                    damn i need to get another model...
                    Dan Zickel
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                      Whats going to suck is when you mod your actual M3, and then you have to go back and update the model to match it.

                      Love this thread, I always wanted to do this, but never had the patience.


                        bro tell me about it, i cant figure out how im gonna do my DTM vented mirrors! any ideas model guys? also I cant make a EVO II front chin spoiler so im just doing the splitter. I thought of buying a DTM version 1:18 model but to pay $80+ for just the front spoiler and the mirrors is a bit too expensive for me.

                        So anyone have any idea what I can use to make my mirrors?

                        and with the actuall moding of the real version, lol, i dont think im not gonna stray much from what it looks like now, drop and some more CF on the exterior in the future, but thats about all for now. maybe ill have to get another model later on.

                        Im thinking of getting another 1:18 scale M3 and making it a bit more "CUSTOM" maybe replicating Marianos M3 if he is cool with that. or simply going crazy with it. well see how this one turns out and what my $ issue will be and if i have time.

                        Thanks for all the comments!


                          too much time on your hands?
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                          Originally posted by TimKninja
                          Im more afraid of this thread turning into one of those classic R3v moments, where Pizza gets delivered.


                            somewhat. keeps me away from sinning, and helps me relax!

                            oh and cool new smiley!!!:hitler: :hitler: :hitler: :hitler: :hitler: :hitler: :hitler: :hitler:


                              I think I am going to take my parts car, and make it into a 1:1 scale model. I will paint it to look exactly like my daily driver and sit in in my sun room. I will get the car into the house by cutting off the roof and removing the body from the frame so that I can roll it through the house sideways. I might even remove the drive train and engine to reduce the amount of weight so as I move the car from room to room, it will not be much of a hassle.

                              I could probably get away with using an M50 cover so that it appears that I have an engine in the car if the skeptics want to look under the hood.