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backseat bulkhead removal

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    backseat bulkhead removal

    id like to hear people thoughts on removing the backseat bulkhead for roll caged cars. ive seen people who removed it completely and people who've retained it and also people who've cut sections out to facilitate easier install.

    i assume the rigidity that it would provide is not relevant on a car with a roll cage. I also believe that the trunks spring components are mounted to the upper part of that bulkhead.

    anything im missing? obviously the weight savings aren't really significant enough to be very important.

    is it more personal preference? I would appreciate any second opinions!

    Cut only the holes you need for the down tubes IMO. Folks might retain it to make compartments easier to separate if a fuel cell is added in the trunk. There can also be a noise issue if the car is glass out and has an intact trunk area but no bulkhead.


      ok, that's what I see people do the most so it seems like the most "proper" route.
      noise; like you mention, is another factor that crossed my mind.
      although it doesnt seem very critical unless you have fuel cell in trunk.

      Thankyou for your input!