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    Originally posted by nando View Post
    nope! ;)

    never, they're going to be sold as soon as I have time to dismount the tires. I like them but after 5 years I'm sick of cleaning them, plus it was time for something new. sorry :p
    Nice pics.

    Dont forget about me! :)

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      Now that stance works!

      Chris, you inspired me to actually wash my haggard beast before the DE this weekend. Just got in from doing that - even cleaned the brake dust off the track wheels as well.

      Mind you, even washed, she won't look like your sterling, but at least I washed off the (literally) 2+ years of crud off of it.

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        Dave, sterling always looks pretty good even when it's dirty!

        here's one video, have a few more but they take forever to upload and encode.
        some fun with a couple Skylines (one behind me you can't see) and a yellow Porsche :)

        I'm thinking a BBK will be in my future. I got around these guys but then my brakes were pretty much done so I had to let them pass me again. lol.
        Build thread



          another, chasing the yellow porsche this time
          More Porsche action. I get around the yellow Porsche, but a GT3 RS? forget about it!
          Build thread