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R3VLimited October 2009 Car of the Month

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    R3VLimited October 2009 Car of the Month

    This is the start of the official car of the month threads.
    Every month I'll make another one of these threads for each COTM

    Since its late in September we are starting out with Octobers COTM.

    JasonC's 1987 325es

    Factory opt: cc,p/w,p/l,p/sunroof,13butt. OBC with remote,rear defrost,upgraded stereo,a/c,black leater int.

    Schwarz with red pin stripe

    Int. color:
    Crimson (dark red)
    (was black leather)

    Under the hood:
    2.7 eta
    deleted the TB coolant
    IE long tube header's
    Lucas heatshield
    K&N cone type air filter

    2 1/4" duels with no cats.
    18"glasspacks with 2 1/2" round stainless tips


    rear diff:

    lowtec 60/50
    IE front strut brace
    M3 CAB's
    Billy sport front struts and tokico shocks in the rear.

    Drag 15x7 et10
    195/55 15 tires

    Ext. mods:
    inner shadowlined
    Kamei eyebrows (gloss black) plus euro grills
    Kamei windsplitters (things ontop of the fenders)
    Kamei rear deck spoiler
    Euro ellips "smileys" with 6K HID's
    euro pass. side mirror delete plate
    rear euro plate filler
    chrome euro bumpers front and rear
    Zender front spoiler
    Zender rear apron
    splitter on front spoiler
    euro fogs with 6k Hid's
    MHW smoked turn signal lenses
    ford taurus side skirts
    all red tails with rear euro fog
    Scotish front plate
    DTM side mirror

    Int. mods:
    Euro cluster
    anolg clock
    german check panel
    euro fog light switch
    red gauge rings
    black door pulls & map pockets
    ///M lighted shift knob
    black leather shift and e-brake boots with red stiching
    black Motorsport floor mats
    maplight mirror
    M-tech 1 steering wheel with old school motorsports emblem
    George Graves light dimmer
    duel trunk lights
    factory trunk storage tray

    Story on the car. I first seen the car sitting in a junk yard with a slight fender bender and some little blemishes. It had a plastic bumper swap on it along with a red int. I just wanted it for parts for my 85 325e i had at the time. But the guy would not part it out.

    Fast forward about two years later. My engine was getting pretty tired in my 85 e and i was thinking about replacing the whole car. So i remembered about this car sitting in the junk yard. I called the guy and got it for $800. I even drove it out of the yard and up onto the car trailer. But the car was in need of some minor repair and tlc to get it back up to snuff.

    Once i got it road worthy, then came for the change in looks. I took the plastic bumper swap off and put the chrome euros on it along with the Zender front spoiler. Although i didnt stop there cause i kept looking for parts and buying them. I wanted to make it look like some retro 80's ride. I'm pretty sure i almost got it.

    I know its a car that some love and there is some who hate it. It is my daily driver and the car isn't perfect but its different looking car that isn't like most others out there on the road. As the car sits today i need to put some TLC back into it.

    1987 PRO-3 car /1990 325is (2.7i Concours)

    Awsome start! I have always loved this car.
    One stop shopping for NEW, USED and EURO PARTS!


      Hey, may want to fix the pictures :p. Theres alot of side scrolling ;)

      Edit: nevermind i fixed it, :-)

      1992 BMW 325iC
      1978 Chevrolet Monte Carlo
      1965 Chevrolet Corvair Monza 140hp


        Originally posted by JasonC View Post
        Hey, may want to fix the pictures :p. Theres alot of side scrolling ;)

        Edit: nevermind i fixed it, :-)
        haha thanks man.
        Congrats on being the first car.

        1987 PRO-3 car /1990 325is (2.7i Concours)


          I still want those rims,those front and rear aprons but I don't want to be a biter. Lol

          Love the car, perfect pick for first car for the "car of the month".
          1987 325is m50nv (schwarz)
          1990 325is (sterling silber)(sold)
          2001 525i


            Fantastic first car.


              Amazing. Glad this concept finally got off the ground.

              And it's for sale too

              EDIT: I remember drooling over this car when I first got mine.
              Originally posted by LJ851
              I programmed my oven to turn off when my pizza was done, should i start a build thread?



                That's wicked - I love it.

                Between this car, Crivillone's white knight and James' car from Victoria you guys make me wish I'd gone for an early chrome bumper car rather than a PB
                Pork Hunt Motorsport

                eBay is like the summit racing catalog for today's special Olympics crowd


                  Thanks guys. I just wish it still looked like the way it does in those pictures. I almost hate to sell it, cause i know i can bring it back to look like that again.

                  1992 BMW 325iC
                  1978 Chevrolet Monte Carlo
                  1965 Chevrolet Corvair Monza 140hp


                    great first car, maybe this way he wont sell it ;)

                    so will you pick yourself or will people pm you the info about their cars?

                    Need Illustration or Design work?


                      Great looking car! The contrast of interior/exterior is awesome!

                      If there is only one thing I would change if it was my car is to go wider tires ;)
                      Mtech1 v8 build thread -

                      OEM v8 manual chip or dme -


                        LOL, my buddys keep asking me, "do you really want to sell that?" I know in the back of my mind i shouldn't.

                        But i do believe the votes will be by staff only (don't worry, we all have good taste. Although some people question mine!) And no i did not vote for my car to be first. And whoever gets it for that month i'm sure they'll get a PM about it. I'm sure the other mods and josh and James will chime in on how it will all work.

                        1992 BMW 325iC
                        1978 Chevrolet Monte Carlo
                        1965 Chevrolet Corvair Monza 140hp


                          Car looks good in person =D
                          Tbolt Division

                          All I'm saying dude is that bird law in this's not governed by reason.


                            I love this car! it is absolutely gorgeous and a perfect pick to start off the thread!


                              Awesome! Thank you mods for taking the idea and making it a reality. I personally think this is good enough, a sticky that is updated each month is perfect. I also agree mods will make the decisions. I believe you guys will choose apropriately and plus it makes for spontaniousness!

                              Jason C. VERY cool car. I love how you kept with a theme and stuck with it. It's very hard to find an e30 with a complete Kamei kit. You did a real nice job on color co-ordination it seems like too. The red pinstripe contrasts the crimson interior, the front end fogs and ellipsoids go with the smoked turn indicators. I love it.