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My last Hockenheim......(Maybe?)

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    My last Hockenheim......(Maybe?)

    Well friends,
    It's been a while since I have been to the track since I got the 135i and after I sold the E30:(so I decided to see how she fared mainly stock (Afe Air Ducts/ H&R Sport Springs). Pretty pleased with it's performance and was able to stay in teh mid front of the pack. All I needed was some real rubber instead of the ADVAN S4's that are on the car. Decent grip but I wanted more.

    AND I DEFINETLY WANT AN E30 AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Anyways, on to the pics. Brought to you by the Offices of Rep. Joe Wilson, just because 'YOU LIE!!!!!!!" (J/K)

    The "HOLY Bat%@*T" award went to these two guys that had everyone mesmerized with these 2 toys
    Mirage GT, based off the Porsche Carrera GT

    and a Pagani Zonda F, all carbon fiber with Titanium basket for the driver and V12 AMG Mercedes engine with Pagani upgrades. About $2.5 Mil in both cars

    The "THA IS BALLER" award goes to the Owner of this E30 not for his car........

    But for his engine setup, Triple Weber Carbs, 524TD BLOCK & crank and a list of other goodies I didn't understand 'cause he said most in German

    Honorable mention to teh E21 based Alpina with 3.5L B7 turbo engine with other ///M goodies

    My buddy Cruz's E46 ///M3 with Brembo GT brakes, SS headers, KW V2 setup and some batshit fast power!!!!!!

    E30 ///M3's

    And it's turbo......

    All the way from France, friendly guys too.

    Nice ///M Coupe....until he doused me with racing fuel in one of the turns

    For a second my friend thought he had won this car........

    You always have to be situationally aware of the crack at all times......

    Yes, he bought it like that

    Nice older model AMG........

    'cause this newer model was driving like a homo

    Poser.......all looks, no roll cage, and slower than my grandma's wheelchair

    NOT......coming to a dealer near you (in the states)

    If someone knows wat this is please chime in. all I know is that it's a TVR?

    And most did....

    325i Shell with everything else ///M3 based.

    Racing pics...

    Well, that is all for now maybe. Reason I say it might be my last is because I will be leaving soon since I am retiring from the Army after 23 years, that is, if I don't find a job out here as a Army civilian. Looks like most roads lead to Colo. Springs for what I want to continue doing but we'll see. I still have 2 more laps to do at the 'ring so that will come soon:D. Take care.

    Oh, forgot the "that's Pimp" award, going to the Piaggo Three wheeler

    On a trailer beside this, all original!



    How do I spell stress relief?:hitler:
    :!:Open Track Days!!!:!:

    That's a TVR Sagaris.

    Looks like a lot of fun, some gorgeous cars!

    >> 1988 3.1 ITB E30 /// 2002 E46 M3 6MT / 2008 335xi 6MT / 1991 S38B36 E30 (sold)


      awesome pics ! Love the Ford RS, the orange and green on this Focus model range looks amazing


        Absolutely Amazing pics! I can't wait to get to Germany


          great pics and narrative, thanks!


            thanks for sharing! Great looking cars!
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              Drooool Zonda... that is in my top 5, wait 3. I have no idea why...It comes very close to my other dream car, Ultima GTR. Looks like it was a blast, lucky bahstud. Any video footage?
              Originally posted by csermonet47
              Vlad, you are handling this quite unprofessionally.

              Also, you are a cock with tacky taste.

              That is all.


                Originally posted by blck325is View Post
                Any video footage?

                Yes, Coming soon.:pimp:

                How do I spell stress relief?:hitler:
                :!:Open Track Days!!!:!:


                  Well done, felt like I wise there minus the gas smell.

                  Thanks for sharing.
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                    Name these wheels...
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                      Ronal Turbos


                        Ronal Turbz


                          Is the front of that pagani jacked up?
                          Originally posted by z31maniac
                          I just hate everyone.

                          No need for discretion.


                            Damn, lots of nice cars. Those Mirage's are like one of my favorite cars ever.


                              Nice pics... TVR is = DROOOL.... Too bad for US not getting the Focus RS, it's such a hot hatch.
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