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May 2011 Car of the Month

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    May 2011 Car of the Month

    For this month we have EtaSport and his beast of a e30!!!! I got to see this car in person, so i still think it is one awesome car. But would like a ride in it though!

    1987 325es

    Original Exterior/interior

    Schwarz/cardinal red
    Build date 6/86


    95 s50 bored .040/2mm to 3.1 liter
    10.5:1 maxsil pistons
    Engine and cylinder head all rebuilt
    24# injectors
    540i 3.5” MAF
    Bimmerworld intake boot, AFE filter
    Jim C. chip for mods
    Stainless steel headers
    Full header back 2-1 exhaust 2.5” Magnaflow converter Vibrant muffler
    G260 trans, 3.73 lsd
    M42 radiator 14” pusher fan no clutch fan
    Stage 3 6 puck clutch
    1st and only dyno 226 rwhp 216 lb/ft (prior to exhaust work)


    Plastic bumper conversion
    IS front lip, custom splitter
    Kamei side skirts
    Kamei rear skirt modified for plastic bumpers
    M3 style rear spoiler
    Shadow trim, side trim removed
    Custom smoked rear tails, Custom smoked euro Hellas, Euro grills
    6k HID kit


    Street: TR motorsports C1 15x7
    Current BFG g-force sport 225/50/15
    Track: TR motorsport C1 15x8
    Hankook z214 c71 225/45/15
    80mm wheel stud kit
    Stock brembo rotors
    PFC 06 pads, ATE super blue
    New OEM brake hoses


    IE stage 3 race springs no spring pads
    Bilstein Sport shocks/struts
    IE race camber plates, set about -3 degrees front camber
    IE front strut bar
    Suspension Techniques Sway bar kit 21mm front 19mm rear
    Meyle HD sway bar links, Heim style rear links, poly sway bar bushings
    M3 offset rubber LCA bushings
    JTD rear shock mounts
    E36 steering rack


    Converted from cardinal to all black
    Corbeau racing seats
    3” 4 point camlock harnesses in green
    Rear seat, door panels, center console removed
    E36 window switches
    Momo corse suede steering wheel
    Leather shift boot, OEM bmw plastic anatomic shifter
    Z4 3.0 shifter, solid bushings
    325i 7k cluster, kp/h speedo, red needle gauges
    Euro clock
    Ashtray removed, 3 2 1/16” gauges, oil pressure, water temp, oil temp
    Trunk panels removed, spare tools removed, trunk tar removed

    I have owned this car for 8 years now. Was purchased in Nov. 1986 by my dad. It has somewhere around 500,000 miles on it and the s50 is it’s 3rd engine, transmission is original. I started to turn this car into more show then go, and slowly started getting it in shape for autocross and track duty. It's just about where I want it now even though they are never "done."

    The car runs Street Mod in SCCA and we hope to become points champion this year in the ASCC Susquehanna region. I use it for track days, cruising around on the weekends and sometimes just take it to work. Its come a long way over the years and I hope to keep it going!

    the e36 is my other car

    1992 BMW 325iC
    1978 Chevrolet Monte Carlo
    1965 Chevrolet Corvair Monza 140hp

    Very cool!
    Mtech1 v8 build thread -

    OEM v8 manual chip or dme -


      looks cleann


        Proof that a 24-valve E30 is just at home on the track (or dodging cones) as getting the daily-grind done. A well deserved COTM...

        1984 Hennarot 325e - 1990 Brillantrot M3 - 1938 Buick Special Business Coupe


          WOOOOO PINSTRIPE!! Nice car! Congrats :up:

          M-technic I club


            Love it!


              Thanks for the nomination Jason, anytime you wanna hit the twisties or ride shot-gun at an event just let me know!
              Old and improved:


                Love the green accents!

                Originally Said by Bob Marley
                "BMW make pure trouble!"


                  Awesome car! The green accent is great.
                  1986 911 Supercharged Frakenstrat/Stripped
                  1987 325is Delphin/Black (Olga)
                  1988 M3 Zinno/Natur (Elsa)

                  Manual or STFU

                  E30 Chapter of BMW Car Club of America
                  E30 Oktoberfest 2017


                    the green splitter, block, pin stripe! that looks pretty damn sweet
                    Originally posted by blunttech
                    r3v does not fuck around. First you get banned, then they shoot you


                      The dohc vanos sticker made me lol...awesome car!

                      88 325iS(Cam'ed m20)
                      P2 S60 Daily
                      IG: @ratherbefisting


                        dude, awesome car and well deserved. where did you get that vanos sticker?


                          Love all of the little details, great car.


                            I've never like those wheels until I saw this car. Looks mean!


                              Not into this one...
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