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    New guy..'87 IS Content

    I finally got around to taking some pics of my new to me 325IS and decided I should also give a proper introduction.

    I got the car mid June after searching here and craigslist for ~10 months.

    Since then I've changed the timing belt, tensioner, water pump, cap 'n rotor, sparkplugs, air filter, fuel filter, intake boot, v-belts, and a few other little odds 'n ends.

    It still needs some work but it'll have to wait until I get some ectra cash to spend. But i can't really complain about much, the engine pulls strong, interior looks great, handling feels great and the car appears to be 100% stock.

    And here's those pics I mentioned earlyer.

    Looks pretty clean, but every time I see that front valence all I can think of is:

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    Originally posted by mbonanni
    I hate modded emtree, I hate modded cawrz, I hate jdm, I hate swag, I hate stanceyolokids, I hate bags (on cars), I hate stuff that is slowz, I hate tires.

    I am a pursit now.


      lol, nice care needabimmer, like your dashmat :-)

      your house looks like a church.

      - 1987 325e m20 6cyl manual -


        nice ride bro clean for the year


          Wow, nice Delphin! Hardly see them anymore!
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            Clean! I like it!
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              Drop dat biatch! Nice and clean early

              One of the best threads you will ever read

              Nice trailer of my e30

              If i sold you something please leave feedback here


                Thanks for all the complements.

                Thats not my house, it's an old Country Club that's been closed for 2 years.

                Also you probably can't tell by the pics but their is a lot of clear coatfailure and sundamage on the paint. It probably won't get dropped for while because i need to save up some more money and don't want to cut springs.


                  Originally posted by NeedaBimmer View Post
                  don't want to cut springs.
                  bless your heart


                    Supa cleann
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                    Originally posted by 87e30
                    I just want to dance with some beezies


                      Clean looking car bro. Like it
                      '91 318is


                        Nice car. Clean seats.
                        Originally posted by supkev
                        I'm thinking vinyl my whole car. Matt black or gray.
                        Originally posted by straight6pwr
                        I'm thinking of hitting you in the face. Fist or karate-chop.



                          Thanks for all the comments.

                          My shift knob has been popping off when going into 2nd and 4th lately.
                          So i finally decided to just make a new one until I can get a short shift kit.

                          I have a bunch off old worn out skateboard wheels, so I decided to see if one would fit on the shifter. Sure enough I found one with the right inner diameter and after some dremeling I got this.



                            Haha, badass.

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                              haha, pretty cool idea for the shifter. I myself picked up a stock 87iS at the beginning of the summer, well worth the wait to find the right one.
                              fuck yeah diving boards! looks very clean too, what's the mileage? looks to be in better condition than mine, and i bought mine with 88k.
                              1987 325is Black/Black
                              -Stock (mostly)