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My S52 Touring

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    My S52 Touring

    Never got around to posting a thread here, not sure why! This car was started by a friend of mine who makes his living from bmw's and bmw parts, so needless to say he didn't hold back. I've simply refined it since picking it up and I have no plans to steer too far from the path he started.

    Was imported in the mid 2000's by a family directly from Germany and spent a few years with them before changing hands in Victoria, BC where it eventually wound up in my buddies ever changing fleet of bimmers. He kept it modest for a few years before finally diving in head first and this is the result. Shell just rolled 120k original km's.


    s52 w/ rebuilt head
    OBD1 swap
    dr.vanos stage 1
    TRM chip
    racing dynamics/magnaflow exhaust


    ground control coils 500f/650r I believe are my rates, I forget those types of things
    accumulating all the parts to do a complete suspension rebuild of all bushings, control arms and new sway's f/r
    Azev C's 17x8.5 with bfgoodrich gforce sports 215/40/17


    re-upholstered in a grey micro-suede
    black headliner
    matt-b boot combo
    alacantara sparco wheel with nrg q/r hub (probably swapping for period correct soon)


    Alpine IDA-x305 headunit
    Alpine MRP-f300 4 channel amp
    Orion 5.25 components up front
    Hertz ES250 10" sub in a Luke box, and I'm 100% certain the box makes all the difference. I swapped in an el-cheapo ported pos box to compare and it's night and day different.

    Onto piktars! Humble yourselves to my wondrous ability to wield a point n shoot very, very poorly.

    Trying to look cool next to his older cousin, doing a poor job at it

    Probalby one of the coolest things about the car, original break-in instructions sticker still on the windscreen, I fear for the day I get a crack and have to remove this.

    Got to the 3rd pic and its like: ooh, its a touring! MF'ing gorgeous! Seats are dope, everthing is dope!

    Edit: Didn't the give that 6 series a second glance, next to the wagon!
    I want a nice set of smoked MHW's (I know, get it line)
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        Damn dude. That is a good looking touring ;)

        Those wheels look great on it too
        '91 318is


          Damn, that thing is awesome! I would give my first born child for that, second too if it were turbo'd.
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          '73 2002 LeMons Project
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            Another fine touring here.
            Rims on the six series are gnarly.
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              Very nice!

              Love the wheels and the interior! Very well done.

              One of this days I’ll do the engine swap that you have.

              I’ll send you PM next time I’m in Victoria at least 2 time a year.
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                I'm about that.

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                  holy shit!
                  That is just amazing. Practically perfect in my eyes.

                  You've done everything that i WANT to do haha.
                  LOVE IT


                    New favorite car on R3v. <3
                    From The Land Of Sky Blue Waters.

                    Originally posted by lambo
                    Fuck studying. Party hard.


                      Man your car is absolutely gorgeous. It looks gangster next to the 6 series, the 6 looks like it's owned by a wanna be rapper.
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                        The m6 is done right, but it's a show car so yes it's got a bit more done to it than most enthusiasts would care for.


                          man is your car full of sex :) i really want a touring now
                          Originally posted by InuFaye
                          silver is old man color car. you need dat BRO-SECA BLUE.
                          Originally posted by blunttech
                          so true.. never let them know where you live..I almost ended up in jail when I was raping young women on craigslist
                          Originally posted by george graves
                          An S5x is like the girl you want to marry - an m30 is the girl you don't bring home to mom.


                            Fan-f'ing-tastic !
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                              ummm...your touring is actually the older cousin. Gorgeous!
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