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November 2011 Member Spotlight - Danny

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    November 2011 Member Spotlight - Danny

    Engine/Driveline :
    1995 Dinan S50B30
    21.5 lb/hr injectors
    3.5" 540 MAF
    16lb Fidanza flywheel
    Stock E36 M3 clutch
    91 octane TRM tune (thanks Matt!)
    r3vshift 24v poly mounts.
    Getrag 260 with White325is brace
    r3vshift poly trans mounts
    z3 short shifter

    Very faded Calypsorot
    Retrofitted US elipsoids with 5000k HIDs
    IS lip
    Mstripes on rear deck lid
    Numerous dings and dents

    APEX 17x8 ARC-8s
    235/40/17 Dunlop Direzza Star Spec z1s
    Massive Street Kit with 4pot Wilwood calipers up front
    Stock in the back :|

    Ground Control kit
    Koni adjustable shocks
    550 up front 700 in the rear or something like that
    Ground Control camber/caster plates
    Ground control RSMs
    Treehouse racing eyeball arms
    2.7 turns lock to lock Z3 steering rack

    Momo Prototipo steering wheel
    Recaro LS recovered with perforated microsuede centers and microsuede outers
    robsgotit "small" black shift knob
    Rear ski pass seat with head rests
    Pioneer deck
    Premium speakers
    Luke box with 60 dollar walmart sub and 500w amp

    Story behind me/the car:

    First off, I am honored to have been selected for car of the month. My name is Danny and I work a bunch of odd jobs while I wait for my POST test on November 9th with the Vallejo PD. I live in Vacaville, CA and this calypso red e30 is my 4th e30 that I've had.

    My first was a 1989 zinno 325is auto coupe, I was rear ended in that car.

    With that money I bought an Alpine 1991 318is, but it was just too slow for me. I subsequently turbocharged it with full standalone and many other little goodies. I tracked this car once and AutoX'd it numerous times. However, being in the people's republic of Kalifornia, I was soon ticketed with "modified emissions" and had to scrap the car (mostly due to being a broke high school kid and not having the funds to return the car to stock) Part of this kit lives on today actually in AcSchnizter318is' beautiful car.

    I parted out the white car and found a lachssilber 4 door 325 5 speed for 1500 bucks. I jumped on it and most of you know of that car. I tracked that car once and went to a few AutoX's with it but again, it just wasn't fast enough for me. So I bought a Dinan S50 from phreshkid and swapped that right on in. (Much better than an m42 turbo by the way) I got that car BAR certified and was soon rear ended by my intoxicated (my belief, doesn't show intoxicated in the police report) neighbor while the car was parked in front of my house. This resulted in a very big, 5 month long battle with USAA insurance to get what I felt (and what a professional appraiser felt) was fair for my car.

    Then we end up with the Calypso. I was actually emailed by a member here (his name is slipping my mind at the moment, please speak up if you see this!) who basically asked me if I wanted to by his car. I said hell yes and picked it up the next day.

    Then the s50 came out of the grey car.

    Then out came the m20

    Then it waited patiently

    Then the s50 was in, with the z3 rack and other stuff.

    And the final product:

    All photo credit goes to Jeremy Boyle

    Thanks for looking guys!
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    Santa Clarita, CA

    Those shots car out great. Congrats!



      Because Very Faded Calypsorot.

      @IRON-E30 aka Edwin:D


        Love it.
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          Good stuff. Enjoy your time in the spotlight Danny.
          January 2012 COTM


            Awesome dude!
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            Originally posted by 87e30
            I just want to dance with some beezies


              I remember the days back with the turbo M42. Danny has gone a long way since then.
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              Originally posted by DEV0 E30
              You'd chugg this butt. I know you would. Ain't gotta' lie to kick it brostantinople.


                Very cool sedan. Congrats on the showcase :)



                  Originally posted by Roysneon
                  $5 shipped?
                  Originally posted by MarkD
                  You are a strange dude, I'n not answering any more posts from you.


                    Congrats! it's come a long way!


                      Very nice car! Funny to see how members and their cars change over years. I bought a front strut from you in 2009.
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                        Very nice.
                        LOVE the seats.

                        Mad props !
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                          Good shit Danny.

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                            Danny looks happy. cant tell if fake smile or real smile


                              Congrats Danny. You are now Famous.
                              Originally posted by DuMa View Post
                              Danny looks happy. cant tell if fake smile or real smile
                              If there is cock/balls nearby, it's most likely real.
                              Yours truly,
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                              you kids get off my lawn.....