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December 2011 Member Spotlight - OldDrunkenSailor

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    December 2011 Member Spotlight - OldDrunkenSailor

    My name's Joel, I'm web designer and developer for my own company as well as working at a traditional 9-5 gig here in the Seattle area. I moved up here to go to UW from Tucson, Arizona and finished up school in June, 2011. My first car was a 2003 Saab 9-3 Vector and it forever addicted me to the quirks and brilliance that are most-things Swedish. I absolutely love E30s and am not the biggest fan of BMWs after that but am generally a car guy as a whole. If you have any car talk, gadget news, or sweet ideas for car modifications, drop me a line!

    Factory options:

    Sunroof, Recaro seats
    Diamond Schwarz Metallic
    Interior color:
    Engine modifications:
    New GM 6.2L LS3 crate motor (part of E-Rod kit).
    Custom fab 3" pipe with crossover amidship
    Hurst-built Tremec T-56 Magnum (Pro-street gearing)
    Rebuilt e30 3.07 LSD
    H&R Touring Kit
    OZ Racing 17"
    Exterior modifications:
    362iS badge, missing front valance.
    Interior modifications:
    4yr old redone vinyl Recaros, MTech2 370mm steering wheel, 8" German Auto Specialties speakerbox (In-progress work: Custom fab tablet integration, e46 armrest, leather interior, rear headrest, armrest, and buckets).
    Story behind the car:
    When in high school I convinced myself that the 1991 318iS was the perfect car. The M42 broke 30mpg easy, it had an airbag, Recaros, and was the last of the true relatives to the 2002 (IMHO), meaning that no highschool girl would care to be seen in it. All plusses.

    In college I got in the habit of checking Craigslist every few months for the car and one day I saw this one in Vancouver. 1 owner for 2 years, another owner ever since. Great service records, 175k on the click with no real issues, a massive dent on the door, but only $2500 (for some reason people typically list these for about 4500 on CL). I had to sell my first motorcycle to do it, but the next week the car was mine.

    I always wanted to do some sort of performance work on the car but after talking with the fine folks at Gerber Motorsports in Ballard, WA, it became apparent that there isn't really a popular set of mods for the 318. They mentioned that they had wanted to do the famous LS1-swap, which told me that they at least had the confidence to do it. Two years later I remembered the conversation and started talks with going through with what would be the first LS3 E30. For a month and a half I was at the shop multiple times a week leaving work early, stopping by on the weekends to check up and talk through problems, and come the afternoon of June 25th I was there feverishly reassembling the interior, trying to get to the Greenwood Car Show, and the next day the E30 Picnic.

    Since then I've decided that this will be the best E30 out there, so a bespoke interior is on the way with some of the best-integrated and most advanced technology ever put in a hotrod of any sort (keep an eye on r3vlimited for that project's status updates). After about 3,000 miles the car's getting approximately 30mpg on the highway, hasn't had any real issues, and has really made me lament my daily driver. It's just an amazing vehicle.

    The E30 has always been an economical, great handling and wonderful looking car. I'm trying to preserve as much of the stock look as I can while turning it into a high performance, comfortable, head turning beast-of-a-machine. I'm extraordinarily thankful of the support that I've been getting from you all at meets and on the site. It's been a wild ride, in huge part thanks to the awesome people on r3vlimited!

    And here's a link to a thread showing the build of the car along with more photos:

    Classic BMW Specialists
    Santa Clarita, CA

    Wow! There is no way those little tires stick with that engine! That engine bay is epic though. Congrats!



      Holy sheet. That is one clean swap, the engine bay looks great!
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        leave the rear head rests out. they will just make it harder for you to see all the losers you blast past in the mirror!
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            I guess its safe to say that's the biggest engine ever put in an e30. sooooooooo sweet

            The Build:


              price on finished LS swap? just curious



                And I'd like to say, thanks for r3v staff for organizing the Member Spotlights.. really cool feature on this forum!
                My 1991 318is Progression Thread




                    Dude, do something with those brakes before you hurt yourself!!!!!!!!!!!! That machine is beyond epic....nicely executed.

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                    "The Best E30's were built with two camshafts four cylinders and sixteen valves!".


                      This reminds me I need to order some KDWs.


                        Originally posted by Nairb View Post

                        And I'd like to say, thanks for r3v staff for organizing the Member Spotlights.. really cool feature on this forum!
                        Thanks. :)
                        Classic BMW Specialists
                        Santa Clarita, CA



                          Nice job!!! Like to see a video!!!

                          Originally posted by ttrousdell View Post
                          I guess its safe to say that's the biggest engine ever put in an e30.
                          It's only a 376ci....

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                            Originally posted by getouth View Post
                            Dude, do something with those brakes before you hurt yourself...
                            My first thought, as well... Nice swap, though! I'l bet it boogies...



                              Wow, simply incredible!
                              1987 325i-M60b44 swap