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Budget Built Calypso Vert

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    Budget Built Calypso Vert

    Just my daily driver, picked it up on the cheap. Want to keep it reliable, keep it cheap and have fun with it.

    First brought it home:
    91 Calypso 318i
    New top
    Straight piped

    First order of business was a solid cleaning

    Second thing on the short list was basic maintenance items.

    Valvecover gaskets and spark plug seals
    Fuel Filter
    Change the oil and filter
    Replace pads and rotors all around

    Valve cover painting



    IE springs
    E90 drop hats

    I've only had the car 3 weeks but it's coming along nicely, and I'm awaiting delivery on some euro parts to make it on to the car.
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    how do you like the ride with the IE3's?

    looking nice, hard to find 318i verts!
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      Very jelly. Would love me a calypso vert with m42

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        Originally posted by TimKninja View Post
        how do you like the ride with the IE3's?

        looking nice, hard to find 318i verts!
        Love the M42 and love the color! Really the perfect combo IMO

        The rides okay. A bit stiffer then what I really wanted. In fact it's stiffer then the enduratech coils on my Subaru.

        But a trim of the bump stops and I think the ride may improve.

        Originally posted by AE_m20 View Post
        Very jelly. Would love me a calypso vert with m42

        Future mods in the works

        New Trans and rear diff fluid
        Brake flush
        New control arms
        Rear trailing arm bushings
        Sway bar bushings
        Euro grills
        Euro trim
        Some sort of Wheels


          looks great, love the stance with the ie3s


            Sweet- what are you gonna do next?

            just picked up a 91 calypso m42 vert myself. It has a new tan top too, kinda wish it was matching red top or black..
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              Looks like jersey


                Been awhile since the last update. But snowed in and progress should mean update time.

                Completed the Mess under the intake mod:

                Few months ago, i wasn't completed satisfied with the ride so I pulled everything apart.

                Pulled the bilsteins to trim the internal bumpstops and discovered they were pretty much destroyed. Guess I was riding on them hence the horrific ride. I installed new trimed bump stops. Along with new Control arms, and powerflex M3 CABs.

                Sorry no photos of the new parts installed.

                Also picked up a new valance with fogs as mine is pretty bent up, and I can't seem to straighten it out too easily.

                Threw on a volvo lip and it snoweddd. I'll pick up an IS lip when I throw the new valance on.

                Added Smileys

                Installed some HIDs... 4300k volt kit

                Both my cars, and more snowwww.

                Dug it out for more workkkk. Time to make room

                And finally

                New Nardi wheel has arrived too and should be installed when i can scoop up a hub adapter

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                  Suby photos too because why notttt


                    Nice cars!

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                      dang I also have a calypso vert and you are doing just about the same mods I am doing to mine haha
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                        Great minds think alike. Fun, simple and clean!


                          my favorite color, looks great. those IE springs sit alot lower then i thought they would.

                          i have no idea what i am doing with my life


                            Budget Built Calypso Vert

                            The fronts had a coil trimmed off the top by a PO. Stance is practically perfect for a strut/ spring setup but the ride suffers a bit.

                            Not terrible now that the bump stops have been trimmed but it's by no means smooth. I may swap to a race or koni inserts in the future


                              After seeing your car I want a vert so bad!