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Laguna Green 318IC and More

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    Laguna Green 318IC and More

    Never had any sort of build thread or pictures of any of my previous vehicles up here so figured i'd document the few things i'd be doing to my vert and some of my past vehicles so here it goes!

    1989 325i Auto I 120K Tons of Work Done to it, Picked Up Last Year for sub $1500. Swapped to a manual did an exhaust, chip, megan coilovers, Enkei 92 15x8 205/50/15 Falken RT-615 ( Awesome tires, but they wear super quick) ETC. ETC.

    Then I my buddy gave me a built up 1.6 Turbodiesel engine and figured i'd give that a go for awhile and swapped this gem over from a 1.8 automatic.

    Then Got tired of how slow that diesel was and this ended up happening.

    And i've been gathering parts and such waiting for the weather to get a little better to get back to work on her. First convertible and i love it!

    BC's "Extreme Drop" 10k 12K Spring Rates

    Rare 17x7.5 ET25 Zender Wheels i scooped up off of

    And how old girl sits today!

    I'll throw some pictures up once i get the coilovers installed and wheels etc.

    Next on the list is deciding what engine to swap into her. M42's are awesome little engines but i want some more oomph!

    Thanks for looking!

    looks great love dem wheels!
    Who`s attention, and why do I have to pay them?


      im swapping an s52 in my 318is. but i think m50-52 better way to go. cheaper.
      my build thread


        S5X's are awesome motors but for the price i'd rather go with an m52 than do a mild turbo build down the line!


          That vert was for sale in my neighborhood. Nice price on it, I can't believe no one picked it up when it was on Craigslist! I fought the urge hard to call this kid and make a deal...


            Yeah somehow i came upon it when i had cash in my pocket and no one else wanted to buy a car! (Christmas Time) :nice: Paint isn't the greatest but its pretty much rust free and only has 119K on it, so I'm not complaining!