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The italian stalion project

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    The italian stalion project

    Hi Guys!
    I dont know if you have been reading my other thread "in love with the e30" that thread is a smal story how i bought my car in italy and was driving thru europe back home to sweden.

    The car i own is a special edition only made for the italian and portoguese market as they where high taxed on cars above 2litre. BMW made a 320is with the M3 engine destroke to 2litre instead of the 2.3litre. 1206 ever produced. Mine is one of the last 100.

    i have owned the car for about 5 month now but i have almost never been driving with it. Had some technical issues and trying to find out what problem i have with the car. The problems i had with the car is a erratic idle and high idle problem. I think i have been changing all stuff all sensors gaskets etc.

    But nothing changed.

    So now iam going to throw out that old shitty motronic system and wake up the engine to the real monster that BMW was hiding behind the afm.

    The updates that is going to be is
    VEMS stand alone ecu
    Carboon fiberbox install

    This is when the car is parked in sweden with some temporary plates.

    Looks good

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      Very nice, interested in how the CF airbox/ECU setup turns out.
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        Pregress is going on.. i got pics in my laptop from last week and this week is cooming.


          i have just signed in at my laptop and sees that the pics look awful at the sizes they have(posted before from my cell). What pic size is recomended here to look good?


            This thing is sweet.

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              I love a good 320is. Sweet cars. Get this thing runningggggg


                Yes i want to have it running now but the delivery time of the ecu making the process take time. Nobody that knows the best size for pics here? Want to update some pics but not before i figure out the best size for upload.


                  awesome car man! good luck with the revival
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                    Great cars
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                      Friday i got my package from Hungary with the VEMS ECU. It came faster than i thought.

                      So as usal on fridays i have day off from work and i started to locate all the cables and understand the installation instructions of the new ECU. Messure them up with the original harness and check what cables i need to save on my C101 connections as i still going to use all gauges in the instrument oil temp,water temp etc and those sensors is not running thru the ECU.

                      Today sunday i have been installing the cables and temporary put them together and se where i need to split them.

                      The Harness i got was pretty much 100% same as the original one and super simple to understand.

                      Thursday i took my exhaust to work for installation of wideband lambda as this car dont have any lambda so i needed to drill and weld in a nut for the lambda. So my exhaust will be finished on monday morning.

                      On the pics you can see the parts iam using.

                      VEMS V3
                      Cranksensor bracket from Köhler racing in Sweden
                      36-1 Trigger Wheel from Lee @ Massivebrakes in CA (Found him in another ECU upgrade for S14)
                      Powerharness with relays
                      Universal ecu harness from VEMS.
                      TPS Sensor from S54

                      Iam sorry if iam pretty short in my text but its the language problem as iam not to good to write in english.
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                        Your English is better than most of the kids on here.
                        And I had no idea that there was a de-stroked s14 in anything. Good looking car, I have a soft spot for 4-doors.
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                          Sweet. I like the interior.