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My early 318i, Diving Boards FTW

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    My early 318i, Diving Boards FTW

    So three months ago I purchased this car with a surging idle, bald and old tires, half the cluster didn't work, and burnt out lights galore. I got it for a good price though ($1700) and was able to drive it 100 miles to my home with no problems.

    A little background on me is that I have 8 years i the auto service industry (service writing, mechanical work, and managing a shop) which I have recently abandoned to work in a different sales related position that had nothing to do with cars. I developed my love for cars with my first love a 65 falcon I still own and need to reinstall the motor, then my taste of euro 80's cars with my 86 XR4ti.

    The XR was my daily for 3 years, but it needs a lot of little work done to it that can snowball into much bigger problems if not done, combine that with the fact most parts I need at this point are special order only and its not a great car to rely on all the time. I set my heart on an E30 because two of my good friends had owned them and they were easy enough to work on and impressed me with the reliability (for a 25 yr old car).

    I decided to get an early 318i because personally I felt the pricing on late model 325i and 318i cars were ridiculous, 4k for cars that had 300,000 miles on them and would need work. Early 325e and i models were generally priced high as well or had a billion miles on them and were in horrible shape.

    After looking at a 84 318i listed for 1k and having to fight the urge to laugh in the boys face when he showed up in the horribly beat to shit car (I would have overpaid if i even spent $400 on it) finding this car listed for $2200 seemed great. After talking to the owner i discovered it had some issues he didn't mention in the ad, the biggest concern for me was that it didn't start at the time unless push started. When I checked it out the starter had power going to it, however with the other issues and the fact I needed a starter I lowballed him and we bartered a little.

    This car continues to amaze me and impress me with how fun it is while still being super slow. Especially coming from my xr4ti this thing is slow but at the same time its fun having to keep the momentum up and going around town. Here are some pics of my girl, some from when i first bought her and some from today after I had the new muffler put on (the old one had broken internals and annoyed the crap outta me).

    Click image for larger version

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    Click image for larger version

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    I feel like the chrome tip looks nice without being too over the top, my xr can be over the top for me.
    Click image for larger version

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    This is right after I got the bimmer, parked next to my xr in the rain.

    Nice collection! It looks like you found a very clean car for the price!


      Yessssss. M10 was in my first e30. Can't really get yourself into trouble with that motor and it really makes you appreciate the handling.

      Oh and thanks for keeping the DBs


        Looks good and

        Originally posted by Swanny View Post
        thanks for keeping the DBs
        Originally posted by kronus
        would be in depending on tip slant and tube size


          Looks really good!


            I like it! Not sure why, but diving boards are growing on me, but I love my plastics much more! Congrats on catching the E30 bug. You'll never shake it! lol
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              LONG LIVE DIVING BOARDS!!!

              Shine em up, clean em up, slap some forever black on the trim and embrace it!

              Oh boy, you're gonna be addicted.

              1. Chip, 2. Springs/Shocks 3. Drive!!
              \ #___======___# /

              "Took me an hour to do this..."

              took me like three seconds to copy/paste it- FOR SCIENCE!!

              Barney Fucking Rubble


                Good choice on keeping the diving boards.
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                  I wish they had a chip available alas for the m10 they don't have any. I already picked up some used h&r race springs, just saving up to get some bilstein sports. I need to do tie rods and control arm bushings when I'm down there, already got the rods and I'm thinking tree house racing cabs which seem great for the price.

                  It's funny how my mom and girlfriends parents all consider this a much more adult car then my xr4ti.


                    Today I finally got everything I needed to lower it and replace the control arms, control arm bushings, and tie rods. My friend and I were able to do it all while working at a leisurely pace in 3 hours, I feel if we were booking it we coulda cut it down to 2 tops but oh well we had time to spare.

                    I used some used h&r race springs I had purchased from a member on here, fronts had 1 coil cut off. I was worried it was going to be way to low however it sits nicely while looking much more aggressive. I also was concerned because my car is an early 318 and as such is lighter then the other cars this spring was designed for.

                    For the dampers I went with bilstein sports. I was torn between them and the koni yellows however I have the koni yellows on my XR4ti and they ride pretty rough so I thought i'd give the bilsteins a chance and I am not dissapointed. The car feels so much stiffer from the springs, handles so much flatter, and looks like it wants to be driven hard now.

                    The control arms are just stock replacements from Pelican parts. I replaced the control arms because I didn't know if they had ever been replaced and i was already going to be doing the lower control arm bushings as they were shot. For the control arm bushings I went with condor speed shops m3 offset solid control arm bushings. Tie rods also had to be replaced due to wear on the inners.

                    Click image for larger version

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                    The new to me lightly cut front spring vs stock front spring in height
                    Click image for larger version

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                    The car as it sat while we had the front apart. I hate working on the incline but my friend has a working air tool set up so we do the work at his house.
                    Click image for larger version

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                    The car again just at another angle right before we started putting things back on
                    Click image for larger version

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                    The car after we dropped it down, toe was way the hell out and required adjustment to drive it to the shop for the alignment.
                    Click image for larger version

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                    Obligatory shot of my 318 next to my XR4Ti. Now that its lower I just need to get some recaro trophys for it, I already have a pair in the XR and they are amazing.


                      looks great dropped.
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                        I figured i would make a new post since its been a long time since i've posted anything related to my car. Nothing big but this is her sitting out at a local brewery I was at.

                        Changes done to it in the meantime since my last post would be I changed the rears to be eibach springs with adjustable perches, added a rear swaybar, front drop hats, and changed the exhaust when my magnaflow fell off on my way to work. Now shes running a bullet racing muffler (almost straight thru) and 2.25 inch catback with a big tip (you can see it poking out in the back of the pic).

                        I've also replaced the alternator bushings as well as the adjuster for the alternator. This and a new belt finally fixed my nagging belt squeek and somehow made the heater start working properly when before it worked maybe 20% of the time.

                        Last week i replaced the wheel bearings on the front as well as the rotors and pads, its a lot quieter while driving only problem is now i can hear all the creaks and groans from the stiff suspension :p.