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Finally bought an e30! 1989 325i Coupe

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    I didn't take any pictures of the driver and passenger side floor pans after I patched the rust but I ended up cutting out the bad rusted metal and had new metal welded in. I then sealed it with caulk and put por15 over it to seal everything.

    Today I decided to start on the battery tray rust. I didn't have any por15 left so I used bed liner. I still need to do some cutting then I'll put some new metal down.

    I also did a valve adjustment yesterday. I was surprised how clean everything looked inside there for 150k!


      I made a video of the valve tick before and after. You can really hear a difference, but it still ticks a little bit. I also threw some new spark plugs in while I was there. The car still has a slight misfire at idle for some reason and seems to be running rich. I will probably be taking it in to the shop to get the guibo and shifter bushings put in. Maybe they can pin point the misfire.