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New here- '87 325e with plans

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    New here- '87 325e with plans

    Hey everyone-

    I bought a high mile, half ragged 325e a month ago with plans of a swap within 2 years time. I'm going to mine all the forums for info and find inspiration from all your projects, too.
    My car is almost totally stock, except for the front seats (out of a 4 door), and the ugly shift knob (Getrag 260). It needs some love; routine belts and hoses, front strut inserts, all fluids changed, and electrical gremlins figured out (intermittent gauge and panel function). I have air, fuel, and oil filters on the way, with some hoses too.
    Seems to run well (after replacing the ICV), shifter is sloppy but ok, and brakes feel good. A rear exhaust tab snapped off so it needs to be tacked back on. Suspension rubber is in good shape, as is the center support and guibo. New cheap-o tires installed today, stock size. It's basically Eta-fied.

    My plan might ostracize me: I'll drive the car as is for now, but I'm wanting to ditch the eta for a Honda K24a2 from a TSX. KMiata already has the trans adapter worked out specifically for my Getrag 260. The stock TSX is all aluminum and puts out 205hp & 170lb/ft stock, which is super appealing since I wouldn't have to mess with it for power. I'd be driving it regularly on the street and have no plans to race it. Just make it prettier, faster, stoppier, and improve the handling. Nothing wild. I'll snap some pics by next week and post then.

    -Matt in Portland

    Welcome. Enjoy your stay.
    Portland, Oregon
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      Definitely not a bad engine choice, but I think you're going to be one of the first. Should be rad!

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        deeefinitely looking forward to this one for sure. That's gonna be a very nimble car.
        1984 Delphin 318i 2 door