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Assortment of new pictures.

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    Assortment of new pictures.

    Well, my car just went through a major transplant as many of you know. It is now a totally different car with the new engine and drivetrain.

    Many thanks go out to those who helped me out:
    MY DAD!!!! I love the guy! He made it possible!
    Trent-- I love the lightweight flywheel man!
    Anyone else who supplied me with parts

    Thanks to my friend Brian, a photographer, for taking these pictures. (the M3 is his)

    Car is a bit dirty. It wasn't washed since June, and I just gave it a quick wash before taking these pics.

    Tooooo sexy! Seeing the motor in there just makes me...... :bow:
    pondering..... :twisted:


      That motor just fits the car, great work man. How long until its broken in?

      I bombed Korea every night.


        You are one sexy guy.

        And your interior is ridiculous. You paid $600 for that, right? Well spent my friend.

        Congrats. :up:


          Originally posted by Bill 84 318i
          You are one sexy guy.

          Nice to see the car rolling...dyno dyno video video...


            Thanks guys. :)

            Bill, yes I know. :P ;)

            Motor has 525 miles. As my dad suggested, I started buzzing it in 1st-2nd gears occasionally after it had 400 miles on it. I was on my way back to school on the interstate when I saw the trip-meter was at 405 miles. I pulled off to the shoulder, waited for traffic to clear, and gave it hell. :D A good time was had by all, I assure you.

            I went to hit backroads today on 4 separate occasions. I cannot stress enough how nice it is to have TORQUE for pulling out of corners, especially ones that are uphill. The motor just sings and doesn't break a sweat. I can efficiently haul ass through twisties without breaking 3000 rpm. Yea, it's sick. I am braking early though, because the speed builds so quickly with this motor, and I don't want to risk anything (read: overcook).

            I pulled up to a 4-way stop today where a Ricer-deluxe Civic was sitting across from me. I pulled off before he did (he was turning left) and went WOT in 1st and passed him at 7000 with scatter wheelspin. I looked in my rear view and his 'boy' in the passenger seat was turned around looking back like WTF, haha.

            Another thing I can't explain well enough is the sound. I need to get some sound-clips for you guys if I can get ahold of a video camera. However, the best I can explain it is this: The sound of the S50 from 4500rpm up is something I can only describe as the most glorious collaboration of mechanical and metallic harmony one can possibly imagine.

            Can't wait to break it in fully, install the larger injectors, put the new Euro HFM on, and some custom software after dyno tuning. I'll keep you guys posted. :)


              wow dont you wish you could go back in time and show these pictures to yourself back when you were complaining about the old M42 on E3S. awesome car man, great job!


                That looks soo good stu, i'm glad you finally got it done! Now to break 'er in and then dyno the thing!!



                  I believe my feelings would best be expressed by this picture:

                  'NUFF SAID.


                    Stu, you've officially entered the 318/6 club. Welcome home.


                      good work stu...its lookn tough as mate! hangin for some vid!
                      sigpicM42 Brigade ... Throwing craze in the 318


                        look´s grate good job, and just go out and have fun.
                        You must be a one happy guy 8)

                        Next summer only 6 months away :(
                        325i Turbo 1986 4door
                        335i M-tech II 1990
                        KFX 450r ATV


                          Most excelent! Im sure the cars chracter has completely changed. When do you plan to install the e36 brakes?

                          I love the sound the 6 cylinder s M Motors make.

                          Heres a vid of me driving my former M Coupe (s52) at Watkins Glen. Motor sound recorded by a microphone, whose tip was pointed at the headers. Just love that sound. How does the S52 sound compare to the S50?

                          S52 M Coupe Track Vid[/url]


                            The characteristics have changed a bit. I can feel the extra weight of the front end, but Jay at Ground Control perfectly matched the spring rates for the 6cyl setup that the cornering is wonderful. I havn't really stretched it out though, I'm trying to take it fairly easy since I have a handful to deal with.

                            I hope to do the E36 brakes this Winter, I still need to get the rear stuff.

                            I need a job first though, I can't spend any money (except gas) until I get a part-time job, then mods will speed up again. :)


                              Just dont forget about the m42 Have fun and i expect a ride when you come home next time. We should switch cars for a few hours. sounds like a plan to me :D