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    Member introduction (318is)

    I've been lurking here awhile for how-to info and the classified section so I guess I might as well make one of these posts.

    About the E30
    During the end of the summer of '06. I picked up a 1991 BMW 318is in Alpine Weiss II. I mostly bought the car as a fun daily driver as my other car (a 1986 Toyota Corolla GTS) became too unbearable to drive daily, not too mention the thing wouldn't pass smog without a fight... or a lot of money. I've always liked how the plastic bumpered E30's looked (reminds me of an old 510) and I've always wanted an E30 M3 but could never afford to buy/maintain one, so I picked up a poor mans version.

    So far I like the ownership, the BMW is not that expensive of a car to maintain, gets great mileage, and is pretty fun to drive. Also has a lot of creature comforts for a car from 91 (it's my first car to have A/C). It is sorta like driving a bigger AE86 as both cars have no torque and are fun to drive around as momentum cars. I originally intended to just keep it a nice looking daily and just style the car, but I do get the itch to poor thousands into the suspension and put that thing out onto the track (giving me another hard to daily car). I actually sold the Corolla not too long ago, so this makes me want to put money into the E30 even more...

    About Me
    The majority of my previous cars were all AE86 Corolla GTS's, so as you can guess I'm heavily into drifting although I did start off as an autoXer and road racer (you've got to learn how to walk before you can run) before I started sliding around. I've been drifting for a good 7 years now. I did own a 1972 240Z but that project became a monumental failure as it was difficult to upkeep both a drift car and a vintage car. I'm a graphic design major/photo minor and design packaging for Halloween products. I also organize drift events here and there (although Norcal is pretty tough to set one up now).

    I am a tire stretch fan, and have been doing so for awhile now.


    Those are some sick wheels on the hachi. Dori mesh in the front?? I cant wait to see what the e30 turns out to be :)
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    Feedback Thread

    Originally posted by Mr. Anderson of the most hardcore E30's around. :D


      Awesome stuff, I saw an AE86 hatch for sale nearby, trying to pick it up myself. We'll see, but M42 engines are easy to maintain as I'm sure you know. Any more pictures of the 318?

      Oh and check this link if you haven't already:

      ...and M42 Club is always a helpful resource.


        another 86er converted to e30, like me.
        i love the wheels on the e30, what are they? -specs?

        my favorite wheels of all time are the XR4 longchamps,
        i still have a pair from my 86 days (15x7.5 -7off), beautiful.


          Nice...... I and WELCOME!!!


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            Originally posted by rwdrift View Post
            Those are some sick wheels on the hachi. Dori mesh in the front?? I cant wait to see what the e30 turns out to be :)
            Yeah, those are 15x8 -12 Dori2 Mesh in the front and black rim 14x8 -13 Longchamp XR4 in the back. I really wanted to try and find a set of Dori2 for the E30 just to weird out the BMW and AE86 community. I saw a pair of 4x100PCD 15x8 Dori2 zero offset on Yahoo Japan Auctions for about $700 a few months ago but I knew I'd never find the other matching pair. It's kinda why I bought the style of wheel I have for the E30. I also used to have a set of Precedio Demon Cambers (which I think would look awesome on an E30) for the AE86 but sold them, I tried to buy them back from my friend for the E30 but no dice. I wish the E30 BMW's came in 4x114.3, I'd have so many wheels for that thing.

            I guess here's some more pics of the car. It rained recently and I haven't washed the car in a week so please excuse the car's dirtiness.

            I bought it a year ago with 159K from this hippy couple in the San Rafael mountains. It's at 171K now. The car was missing the IS lip and fog light covers. I actually picked up a set of covers from a member on here, but I've been lazy to put them on. Car didn't have with LSD surprisingly :sad:. The interior is in good shape but sorta smelled like hash the first week I owned it.

            The car is on KW shocks and KW 60/40 springs. I might've got one of the last sets from Tunershop, I'll probably take out the spring pads cause I think it could go lower. While I was at it, I replaced the CABs with OEM M3 offset ones and the rear shock mount with a Mahle reinforced upper. The wheels are DZ Exklusiv DZ1 at 16x9 +15, 5mm spacer up front, 15mm in the back. I made a custom center cap insert as I didn't like the stock one too much. I am running a 205/45 tire. I converted to Vorshlag wheel studs cause wheel bolts are really foreign to me.

            What's not on the car yet is an Mtech 1 wing, which I'm debating on putting on (kinda want to go wingless now) and some smoked ellipsoids (still need to buy the low beam plugs). Oh yeah, haven't put on my fog light covers either, and I'm debating on painting the lip.
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              Love the stance (I'm running the same setup). Nice car. Wingless would look really clean.


                looks hot man!
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                  very cool looking e30. love the wheels. you should come out to some local meets. the bay area e30 scene is getting pretty cool.
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                    good looking e30! Welcome
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                      shits hot.


                        Watch out, those San Rafael/San Anselmo/Fairfax hippies are know not to maintain there cars.

                        They would rather zone out/meditate/smoke the dank/sleep in the park/hike in the mountains/make organic ice cream/wish they had a bio diesel/celebrate earth day/not work on teh e30z.

                        edit: Welcome, and you should come to the local meets.
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                          welcome! love the wheels. and it's great you're local too.

                          Originally posted by DBcooperM12
                          when i grow up, i hope to be a dom.


                            very very nice. hachi is hot as well. any other plans for the e30?

                            Originally posted by rwdrift
                            Back to E-Rich's car and drifters. His car is baller, purpose built. Posers are fags. KA-Ts suck. I like beer. And I need monies.
                            - Erick


                              dope man...I like them both!
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