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Five Hours + Blood/Sweat/Tears = Long Friday Night

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    Originally posted by golde30 View Post
    not very well, they mostly blind people due to nasty hot-spots.
    That is not true. Why does everyone on the net think this?

    If you have true e-code headlamps they are shielded with a reflector inside the housing PLUS the glass is fluted to help aim the light. Then on top of that good H4 HID kits are shielded on the bulb as well... There will be hotspots but they end up being out in front of the car. It is not like putting an H1 bulb into a fog flight and mounting it on your bumper.

    7" H4 HIDs in 88 Jetta w/ Rally Front End - Look at all the "stray" light blinding everyone!!!


      Hmm, I may have to get a few HID kits for the fogs and H4s.

      Project M42 Turbo