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E30 vert or e36 vert...

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    E30 vert or e36 vert...

    That was my question I asked myself over and over again. I wanted the e30 vert more but when I found decent ones the prices were sky high for the rest of the market. That or they needed a little more work than I wanted to put in.

    Then one lucky night I found an e36 vert, 5sp with hard top in Texas. Have it inspected and looked over. Make the final deal and I fly to get it. 3500 bucks!

    1996 328iC 5sp. Hard Top. 133,000 miles.

    The drive home was fun and I while I was riding shotgun(friend came along to get it) I find ~$12,000 in maintenance receipts. All kinds of good stuff. Wheel bearings, clutch, brakes and more!

    Here are some photos. I have been slowing bringing her up to snuff! Sorry I failed and couldn't find the right e30 vert :( Was trying to get back into the e30 game after selling mine but it didn't work out... this time.

    Even got to meet a bimmerforums member in New Orleans. Which if you haven't visited I would highly recommend you check it out!

    In Texas after a car wash:

    Truckin' down the highway!

    Stopped for Gas - Catch a Sunset:

    New Orleans:

    Already Started Modding:

    So for installed:
    M3 Lip
    Replacement M3 Bumper Grill
    Smoked Tails
    Smoked Sidemarkers
    Shorty Antenna
    DDM Shifter and eBrake Handle - Satin Black
    UUC System U Replica
    M3 Lux Package Front Seats
    Kenwood eXcelon X492(Front Aux & iPod)

    Coming Soon:
    Euro Projectors w/ 55W 6K HID
    OEM Fogs w/ 55W 6K HID
    Black Grills
    DDM Coilovers
    ACS Type 1 - 17x10/17x9 or Keskin KT1 17x8.5

    Loving the car a lot!

    Sweet deal, now cut off those tips.


      Looks good. I love e36's man..




          i like it


            nice pics!
            Follow my IG @bouchezphotography


              nice car
              1987 325is
              1985 735i "frankie"
              1996 Infinite Q45t

              " I do appreciate you being here, you are usually so mired in sleaze, it must have been an effort to come down to the stuido" fox anchor on the simpsons


                u stole that car, great buy!!
                both these cars are gone :(


                  Thanks guys! I am enjoying it!


                    e30 verts are very hard to find in good condition, hence high prices.
                    E36s are dime a dozen but are getting harder to find, however e36s will never be as rare as e30, same as e30s will never be as rare as 2002


                      Love that color.


                        That is a nice e36 you bought.

                        But for me it was the look with the 4 round headlights that I always wanted to have as my own.

                        My 1989 e30 s52 Touring... this is Betty

                        My 1989 325i vert (sold)...this is Nina

                        My 1991 M5 (sold)... this is Veronica

                        Photo comparison: OEM vs aftermarket windscreen for a convertible


                          It really depends on what look you want. I'm not a fan of any of the above, but for me it would be E30, E46, then E36, but all close together with no clear winner. If it were my cash, I'd save for something interesting like a Baur e21, e30 or e36....
                          Car lease


                            Originally posted by scabzzzz View Post
                            looks good. I love e36's man..
                            M Coupe


                              Originally posted by Gladwyn Cuthbert View Post
                              If it were my cash, I'd save for something interesting like a Baur e21, e30 or e36....
                              uhmmm..he did get the e36 LOL