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'90 Euro BMW 318iS M42 M-Tech 2 - Lazur Blau

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  • PieterVN
    This weekend i made the time to give the car its first compounding and polishing. I'm not a professional by any means.
    I just bought my first dual action polisher with some Rupes 3-stage bottle set. (Coarse, fine & ultrafine). Paintwork has seen better days. It has multiple deep scratches on the hood.
    So i put 2 days of work in it and sealed it of with a Wax coat.

    Click image for larger version  Name:	UCtE1DXdC6uzT2NIimt68yWFzcrCREtwH1xBsE4PVgyECxXhmotwWVkHPb_c9LLbvr5RkRqGn_DKb0mv1JChW1aqdhPtHKjjg74dNCfbq753DZRnaTJVP3zdjrJWLUOHcMoYsjHDLs8zn8UIbqNFB7-Inue_plnIrflNjnOmnFzGLbJFZRJ9Zv6u8V0gGm3lJyV83WPcvLqFsdIexdgARsFRTi-qtgpx_984gTtn76uhfEIl94GzASvoBYD_i19 Views:	0 Size:	60.7 KB ID:	9960694

    The difference is very noticable but it is nowhere near a perfect paintjob. I did not get the chance yet to look at it in the daylight because it has been raining for multiple days now.

    Before: (looked like previous owner washed this car with sanding paper)

    Click image for larger version  Name:	qF_w2NIUxcTXr4mdQ3gXlQs8VONKZZvx26dw9VylT6LUb-0Xau63JcTKQuXLijbH1SxQOFbFYcJ5TF7UuXebBNtYCEXGGsP4TwuqV6-dzYDGhi-63bGASpkVquVqqueqUFWV7k3IYU0NYpbtRpVG1M2MRaOUsJd7yRAlYWypwI2ziDCHwJONLF_f486uChSaICiuZCegHp2ZDZDPdXg4-jDUoVuVh1mEtnSzolReQIvAclMfV-Jz60qQlvnfvs2 Views:	0 Size:	48.8 KB ID:	9960691

    After: (deepest scratches are still visible, but to get these removed i think wet sanding is needed.)

    Click image for larger version  Name:	5l7eF3q6WQABRm6ZokTddQZXs95ehhxyXoK__xIXB8xODCW9XpmI91_Mr10nzgzraGCgO6ymGWeqvmbh7dl5k6cYjWCdgtiPDYewEIAMZ7KSXXLkn6ixgmim97VGhsSiVZ10tu9b8ClCbJK_AchH8J0Ddv0HEhqZQEPErCARteZjO99kzvUL4rXILYMj5Qf7mBtj2Setwo-fq0_4nqcjScD6GTvw0sfMpb36aGvlzlmCKYdVuyfs7N4mugIVEZE Views:	0 Size:	23.7 KB ID:	9960692Click image for larger version  Name:	N1NTi32UUH0pqTlPTAvaSAAFJ9GDdh9uDhCawCPsHBBCgjdVInQQksV-X8oPeePVH967qjBQbj1PByIiEpJVVf54mzBYdiWQaEMNYjVbjjcEm0Mu-xm__kn8z7QML7mVHdnv1QUTax8Nna5nneaH1PMcgsoem7lB6Pih3-nIbaPMksdx4QWahKLOzHoLZEWMruevWD98NUiVSiD2tozHLk2eQaxyPwpqKNg3M3LXukXfK1dqLTWott9lg0mVeUH Views:	0 Size:	32.7 KB ID:	9960693

    Also tried my polisher on the rear lenses, i was suprised what a difference this made.
    (Left: just first stage compound, right: how they originally were.)

    Click image for larger version  Name:	hVQUm80HYR7CZxUiJHZ_N_4GY4fgfWz5RWb9qKDjwBHNKwup5CofslbEW4OX5STW9Z1fooSMe9RJGvKNETBve3tPhFozoKyndxzX86LMG2i03V4C5D3F1yooh1Fh_CErRC-MVmQfOswR4yyVY82MoJB8eTeHLdR6eOHDuofI2kFp5tmEToqCvi3YqWNg5J4mYxeG-dSwqYfSPe1UuvMW6RhGmrzusH7w4ggaf0rnI2hOPLhvhieGo3Mb0cLriR0 Views:	0 Size:	52.0 KB ID:	9960695

    In the meantime i also received my new oil seals for my spare gearbox i have laying around. When driving i have this rather metallic noise coming from the drivetrain.
    I can't seem to figure out if it was the gearbox, CSB or differential. I found this gearbox for a price i could not resist so got it. Maybe i'll swap it out to see if the noise comes from my old gearbox.
    If it's not the gearbox, well than i have an M42 318is gearbox in spares. In the EU the 318is (M42) cars are quite rare in comparison to the normal 318i (M40) cars. So it doesn't hurt to keep your own personal stock of these parts.

    I'll post pictures when changing the oil, seals and cleaning.

    In the meantime trying to figure out how i can attache more than 5 pictures in one post. Anybody that can help me? Thx!
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  • PieterVN
    Originally posted by View Post
    Wow! Beautiful E30s! The 318is looks fantastic. Any interior shots?
    Hi Mike, thanks for the kind words.

    I attached some interior shots, not the best i made but they do the trick. At this moment i'm searching for an original BMW Bavaria Radio to install. There was an Alpine (not Alpina) radio system installed in the car, but i was not very happy with the way it looked. Also attached a picture of my "piece de resistance", the VDO Alpina Gauge reproduction. Very proud of this partl!

    At the moment i only changed the steering wheel to an original M-Tech 1 385mm wheel. And installed these aftermarket but classy looking black fitted carpets to protect the original carpet.

    Click image for larger version  Name:	DAKazrXa2jg-RPpag7y2tmbA_kfZh9ttU34BruBx0SqhF-0U7wIecDHoqBUhcFLEbzqsQCwJHzZRzKhamGpngzG8FOGY1wsP  FUbrft6msMkv1rJ_OP_-jyWLQ1dZKzMbdcfTIsar3DBMYxMxkW--xnQBZ3625G2Jm1ig0-6AL4czTgCrQy_0ZzKHBCgakQ0wvspESER4UufqWfLAHTwj0hkc  wO2On_y6jfP6Gx0KqnkCfCB6XijFHOWiMK0S4OX Views:	0 Size:	52.6 KB ID:	9959975
    Click image for larger version  Name:	c9O2GOAsAjBNY37tq2VY7nG1S97T1ClWLJMYveJP8hZ  A3U_jVau7uoLX32oVq_eYu4t6XyAAn64-QscKdVwPpr8Pc6q5fbbsByqMhqFl-f3Lh5veiI04NkZypzOZPJ4FvfSraf3KR5k2u4RHdUUV0ZGGxS9  AtiFluK1WCWmjXb-2aysOp3WwgkS4O9xbn-GUbLWD5DMS_oyGZayZCWX4KHnHm-1c686V_ZtaflKMQMPmsET8If-OCH5ejNR1NBL Views:	0 Size:	50.3 KB ID:	9959976
    Click image for larger version  Name:	O2lGIT0Fi2Lx-j1d6cSh6dNmCctaDhfhpJf9NTx4Wq-_jJxtZNWeY_zAbe7rMj4RUQIOInTSan4QV84QlKD20TW_5kV7m  l76PzQUQMQbbWjNUEmi5X7AqMF60Hgdsw4y8Pyq1VYC3Zw-Z-dmAGAVpqQwd0wGOibalIOZeVwt3ND6feDTBg8WtTftLi4CxZiQ  AabY0Cw4Pf5RXRU59YZWYkVLJbNu6dPwjAZkC4ie22dHrEwPB6-uFIr7ub2wr0W Views:	0 Size:	55.1 KB ID:	9959977

    This summer i installed a reproduction VDO Alpina Gauge. Very useful while driving to monitor different parameters.

    ACHSE: Rear Differential Oil Temperature in °Celsius
    MOTOR(1): Engine Oil Temperature in °Celsius
    SAUGR.: Vacuum Pressure in bar
    MOTOR(2): Vacuum Pressure in bar

    Click image for larger version  Name:	46qJdz7fktHwBd9ipERKMYLJmCOyT4xae8AhMLbA6-LuYWdy7kJF0ZwnZKlavaq0oMBbbXA3VgsG26b53W_gGrw3N1Pb  wLpelhU1dgq1Kw_q6lMQWWPeamTUTmidMcZnIoMKRsHxE3pUDV  YnLr3ehS7bhR2rVdo-GDCjLiYRE6Y5Gjmu8p9xymBIlhTcirphTFsNkcYBKunCJQefpD  54VfJNZBXE7kNguWeDsUQYqM7YPvZxnb35I6N08jOdLmK Views:	0 Size:	43.6 KB ID:	9959978

    And a little extra sound clip to celebrate the start of this topic. Any reason is a good reason to post a sound clip :D

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    Wow! Beautiful E30s! The 318is looks fantastic. Any interior shots?

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  • PieterVN
    started a topic '90 Euro BMW 318iS M42 M-Tech 2 - Lazur Blau

    '90 Euro BMW 318iS M42 M-Tech 2 - Lazur Blau

    Hello everyone,

    I'm starting this thread to post the story of my 1990 BMW 318iS that i bought in ​May 2020.
    Being my 3rd E30 in general and my most 'unique' one yet.

    Basic information about the car
    Colour: LAZURBLAU METALLIC (294)
    Upholstery: ÜBERKARO II ANTHRAZIT (0379)
    Type Code: AF91
    Body type: Coupe
    Model: 318IS (EUR)
    Steering: L
    Engine: M42
    Displacement: 1.80
    Power: 103 kW
    Drive: RWD
    Transmission: Manual
    Production Date: 1990-06

    L819A National Version Spain
    S199A Without Catalytic Converter
    S210A Dynamic Stability Control (ABS)
    S215A Power Steering, Variable Ratio
    S300A Central Interlocking, Electrical
    S350A Tinted Glass Green
    S410A Front Electric Window Lifter Regulator
    S510A Headlight Adjustment Low Beam Light
    S530A Air Conditioning
    S680A Radio Antenna, Manual
    S687A Radio Pre-wiring
    S850A Additional Tank Filling For Export
    S958A Wiring Loom Extra Check

    Extra options added afterwards:
    S288A BMW light alloy wheel, cross spoke 29
    S320A Deleted Model Lettering
    S556A Ambient Temperature Sensor
    S675A BMW Sound System
    S682A Automatic Radio Antenna (Hirschmann)
    S690A Casette Holder
    -------- OEM M-Tech 2 Front Bumper & Valance
    -------- OEM M-Tech 2 Rear Bumper
    -------- OEM M-Tech 2 Spoiler
    -------- OEM Pfeba Aerodynamic Side Skirts
    -------- Alpina VDO Digital Vent Gauges Reproduction
    -------- Z3 1.9 Gear Lever (Shortshift)

    About me & the car:

    My name is Pieter, i'm a 24-year old Belgian that has been intrigued by cars since i was very young. I have been driving cars since i was 17 years old.
    Fascinated by the '80's & '90's it was needless to say that i would love to own and drive a car of this period.
    So my car adventure began in september 2017. I bought my first project car, a '94 Land Rover Defender 110 300 Tdi. In the 4 months i owned it i went for a couple of offroading sessions but i did not like the harsh abuse the car had to endure.
    I prefered to take care of my precious possesions. So i sold the car december 2017 and made a bit of profit.

    In the month of march 2018 i bought my first E30. A 1990 BMW E30 318i M40 Convertible in Brilliantrot with 145.000 km. The car allready had endured some optical mutilation (personal taste) but when looking beyond all the ugly frill it was a technical good car.
    So i learned to work on this car. (servicing, brake discs & pads, suspension,...). I took the car back to it's former glory (original BMW Style 5 15 inch wheels, original exhaust, removal of some hideous parts...)
    The car has been very reliable for me the last 2 years. It never let me down. But because there was not much to do on this car after a couple of months i decided to get another E30. I still own this E30 to this day.

    In March 2019 i bought myself my second E30, A 1988 BMW E30 320i M20 Touring in Diamantschwarz. This car only had 86.000 km but needed some basic servicing and beautification. I had been parked for a couple of years under a tree and needed some love.
    Long story short, I sold the car after some work in December 2019 and made some profit on it.

    In March 2020 (i start to see a pattern here ) i began searching for another project. Because of the Corona-Virus/Covid-19 we were put on technical unemployment. And to fill in the time i began searching for a 318iS. I found a car in Spain after a couple of days but it almost looked too good to be true. An original 318iS with original M42 engine, 206.000 km and equipped with some rare original M-Tech pieces. I checked out similar offers and made some calculations. I had never imported a vehicle from abroad and the pandemic didn't make it any easier. At first my plan was to visit the seller in Spain when the lockdown was over. But this was going to take ages and i did not want to risk to lose this car. So i decided to buy the car after a thorough inspection (over 200 pictures and video files). The seller was an absolute wonderfull & patient guy.
    About a month & a half after i first laid eyes on the online ad, the car was parked on my driveway.

    It was not a new car by any means. But an almost rustfree example with some basic things that needed some work. Perfect for a guy like me.

    I will try to update frequently when i do some work on my car. In the meantime, if any of you have any questions about the car, please ask.

    My 318iS:
    Click image for larger version  Name:	3NjbVgppnRYzmw2l1FzDEG9kqjGaagp9qblGfCsqzZm-XoJRqFHlv8nCLZqtvMUis7FfAvTPShvLUYYXPNPDyOvTu7bZQqVvpBXgmgwJhDLcJieHlGGTlklpt7Z0vIYmqTzUqtiHKCab0ca497rc3ZkkD0iM2mPKk92BNvH1SjwAxCi8O0Uh2Fa7PtV_WNAHN3J98GTutbg4CkZn8JOf26PnlZnTfqxb-0ksEMAJ-b6lXVfP7LTlPVPYIOX0nBb Views:	64 Size:	76.5 KB ID:	9959965

    My 318i Convertible:
    Click image for larger version  Name:	_qWkz4AVZPPbMnfCbqJNcfOtgO3xBKl0UVzoPXRN2QSgwLlozgORACPvEQi4nc9ZFAE-rdiyiodNrvG9BY2WEMw10FNTr4eKmWury8cmT26I5CIiRXRFCvqVR1pQfN3VqYXD7kh3Qn42Buho3L9E1zPZ4epiG8-aUkGyjL8SAMguR4aegPCTabl8w2Phn1CZI-qYOyze8vzTpXL6gyrrtxT6BajSpdIiCrpsYhHT5I3SgksetbuILcOUhJhoXBP Views:	46 Size:	79.6 KB ID:	9959966

    My 320i Touring (sold):
    Click image for larger version  Name:	yAROvPklRHANsGwa11GaPdFUaZfilIi5So-MXim6zCYLlaAVkJafifYB0pYG5Md19v96A4TQxeohTPqLwn0WTacsKu9N555usYNFfUqDPvh4L8VzHG2CL-YyPm4GicnAyq88_BcQxXeR6YUV8Ov6rqR8rrEcjLu15C_xQBZ2cxKatFpzpTungvPp091Q63zpmLZ4AmE_8Z1yL09vou5nr0U3NwTRwe9HnZvdPKFdy3-WDB0-tbHnq-WuEEFxR7v Views:	48 Size:	70.3 KB ID:	9959967