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Zen and the Art of e30 Maintenance

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    I commend you for taking that all on at once... it took me about a year to complete it all.

    I'm SOOOO glad I don't live in an area where they salt the roads.
    Originally posted by Gruelius
    and i do not know what bugg brakes are.


      That was fucking pornography. Incredible. Uplifting. Feels like I just watched a great movie (about the same length, too). I can totally empathize with you over taking your time with something like this. The one thing I've never had with either of my two E30s was time. I'm a college student away from home from September to May, and work more than full time in the summers and my car is my only mode of transportation. I can only tackle projects that take me an afternoon/evening or the occasional all-nighter. Nothing would give me greater joy than having a second DD and a nice garage space where I could work on something until I get bored or stumped, walk away, come back, and just chip away at it. I just got my swap engine on stands so I'm hoping for a similar therapeutic experience with that, albeit on a smaller scale. I truly envy you, and your car.

      P.S. I see you prepared all your posts ahead of time and blitzed us with them in the span of a few minutes, correct? Your attention to detail is far-reaching, and was not lost on me ;). Keep on keepin' on, sir.


        You inspire me, what an amazing build thread, it makes me desperately want another e30 asap, and I'm already missing my last one!!!

        Originally posted by 4drPwr View Post
        That was fucking pornography. Incredible. Uplifting.

        P.S. I see you prepared all your posts ahead of time and blitzed us with them in the span of a few minutes, correct? Your attention to detail is far-reaching, and was not lost on me ;). Keep on keepin' on, sir.


          wow just finished reading, amazing build so far. Looking at this makes me remember that I need to get to work on my own now.


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            About half way through reading the first page did anyone else get up, kick themselves in the balls and start working on any given project involving their e30?

            Fantastic man. I'm documenting way better now that I've seen how it should be done. You made several jobs I've needed to tackle much easier. Not to mention how much more "assured" I feel having "seen it done".

            Thanks for this contribution. I really, along with everyone else it would seem, appreciate it greatly.
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                That was an amazing journey. Have you considered color matching the rest of the bumper trim to the moldings?

                So what's next?!
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                  I think I dreamt about this car last night.

                  Do you need any odds and ends parts? For example I noticed you are missing the cap from the jack. Glad to send such pieces as a gift to support this build.

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                    Simply incredible dedication and attention to detail. Outstanding write up.


                      There are some killer reference shots in this thread for those "how did this look before I took it apart" moments. Well done.

                      Your taillight treatment intrigues me. Methinks some further thought may be required...

                      Check out my build thread...

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                        Thanks guys. At loss - because the car is so completely devoid of ‘sexy’ parts – wasn’t sure what response would be like. After the lessons, I just wanted to keep things pure and OE simple. I guess that goes a long way.

                        I knew when starting – there’d be a lot of things I’d be challenged with. If the pics help or inspire anyone – it was all worthwhile.

                        A great deal of help and guidance came from those on this site – so it is a genuine pleasure to share the experience here.
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                          I just took about two hours to read through your entire thread. Awesome! Simply, awesome! The amount of dedication and work put into your car definitely shows.

                          I'll be following your every foot steps :)

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                            This must be the most entertaining, inspiring, and best photographically documented thread I've read on this forum.

                            I myself am in the midst of a winter motor/trans swap/rehab. And as I come up out of the cramped garage after the heater runs out of kerosene, covered once again with grease on a Friday night, I read your story and it reminds me why I do it...

                            Great work



                              nice project

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                                Very sweet writeup, was a pleasure to see someone put so much time/love into their car :D
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