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Spaz's 1991 325is Project

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    what size are those rims?



      they're spaced now :)


        Nice pic. That building looks familliar, I think someone else on here has posted pics there?


          Time for an update!
          Lots of things have happened since I posted last, even more then what I’ll be covering here…but I’ll update again in a couple days!
          First off I finally got myself a set of spacers, and holy hell does it make the car look a lot better. The pictures speak for themselves.

          Pre Spaces

          Post Spaces

          I also had some time to sort out the wiring and get it all tucked under the m3 covers. I relocated the diagnostic port as well for a factory look. Relays are also mounted under the cover, now it looks sleek.


          I got myself a good deal on a set of clear euros, but the adjusters had seen better days so I cleaned them all up. I also took care of the buckets and brackets I touched them up where needed and reassembled. Did the same to a used set of fogs my friend gave me.

          My tires have been worn for a while as evident in the picture below, Since my Kumho SPT which I love has been discontinued/limited stock I was on the fence on what size and brand of tire I was going to replace them with but then on craigslist a brand new set was posted with prices that suggested they rolled off of a trailer. So I swiftly had them mounted…

          I love the way they look, went from a 205/45/R17 to 215/40/R17 the extra width and the tiny bit more meat on the sidewalls make it look amazing!

          But they had to wait to be mounted on the car as it went in for a bit of repairs….

          Till tomorrow or whenever I get around to finishing the updates!
          Cam .W '91 325is

          Spaz's 1991 Alpine White???? S52 Build Thread...


            I love these S52 swaps. If my engine ever blows, I guarantee you I'm doing one. Shit, I might do it anyways.

            Has anyone done an S52 swap into a 4 door?
            Scott '91 318i/5 spd


              Stop holding out on the other recent changes!


                Originally posted by Lof8
                4 doors allow you to transport more whores.
                therefore, their value is much greater.
                Down to: 89 aw2 332i/4/5 , 70 Sahara 2002


                  Figured i'd bump this with some not so new pics, and i'll have updates in a week or so,

                  But also i'll be at the picnic if anyone feels the need to take a look :D

                  Set One Courtesy of evo3:
                  More Here:

                  Set Two Courtesy of Crunk3:
                  More Here:

                  Cam .W '91 325is

                  Spaz's 1991 Alpine White???? S52 Build Thread...


                    very nice, im jealous too!
                    my build here --->


                      beauty for sure, any interior pics?


                        looks very nice

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