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318is M52 Vortech Supercharged

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    318is M52 Vortech Supercharged

    After collecting parts for a few months I am almost ready to start tearing my E30 apart. I will be swaping out the M50NV for a OBDI M52B28. I am also going to clean up the engine bay as I swap the new engine in. I'm hoping that by making a build thread that it will keep me motivated to finish it.

    A few things that I have collected so far.

    Random Part Number Info Useful For M5x Swaps
    __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ ____________________

    C101 part numbers to hardwire E36 harness

    61131376191 (Pin for 0.5-1.5mm wire)
    61131376193 (Pin for1-2.5mm wire)
    61131376195 (Pin for 2.5-4mm wire)
    12521707283 (C101 Black Plastic Connector)
    12521707302 (Rubber Cap)
    83300495385 (BMW Pin Removal Tool)

    Plastic cover part numbers




    DME Holder parts from a 318 M42 car

    BRACKET LEFT 12141727498

    BRACKET RIGHT 12141727499

    SUPPORTING PLATE 12141727500
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    !!!! Go slim GO!

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      All you're missing in the first pic is an e30.

      Have you made a purchase from recently?
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        I hope you arent performing the swap on the hardwood floor ;)
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          That first pic is ftw!



            Pictures of new parts..
            I love them.
            I don't know why and I don't care !
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              Today I got my sway bars all painted.

              I cleaned up the mounting hardware.

              Then painted the engine. One of the exhaust studs would not come out and I didn't want to break it off.

              And a picture of the car when I first got it.

              and how it sits today.

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                Look's good any more pic's


                  what size lips are you going with and where did you get them?


                    yummmm. looking good.
                    Originally posted by Indecline06
                    For some reason, when I get super duper ultra stoned... The M30 motor reminds me of big bird from sesame street.


                      Originally posted by bejbis View Post
                      what size lips are you going with and where did you get them?
                      The lips are going to be 2" all around, nothing crazy. It should look a lot better then the .5" lips that are on it now. I got them from a guy on ebay Germany.


                        Today I finally pulled all the tint off of my car. I have been meaning to do this ever since I got the car a year ago.




                        I even polished the glass.

                        I'm debating if I should get these seats for the E30.
                        Recaro Pole Positions.


                          Nice. I can't wait to see it in person.

                          Wider lips for the RMs?

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                            Finally got the E30 over my shop to start working on it.

                            Pulling the sub frame

                            All out

                            Pressed the bushings out of the trailing arms and sub frame.

                            Got more parts and did some work to the engine

                            Non AC crank pulley bolts


                              Today I worked on reinforcing the rear sway bar mounts.

                              I got the weld in mounts

                              Now I just have to have my friend come over with his welder and weld them in.

                              Then I made reinforcements for the sway bar link mounts on the trailing arms. They just need welded and then the hole drilled through them.

                              Still collecting parts

                              Side skirts

                              Stainless to make exhaust tip

                              Hope to have the rear end back together by the end of this week