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Black top BEAMS 3SGE E30

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    Black top BEAMS 3SGE E30


    I've been pondering about this engine swap for a while but can't find any information or any thing online about completed or attempted conversions.

    The 4th generation blacktop BEAMS3SGE is what I believe to be one of the greatest L4 motors ever produced. Along with the Cosworth YB, BMW S14, Mercedez/Cosworth 2.3-16, Honda F20C & the almighty 4AGE.

    Released with dual VVT-i (variable timing on both the intake and exhaust cams).....
    The 6 speed manual transmission version came with titanium valves, battery-backed injectors and a compression ratio of 11.5:1 It made 207 hp (154 kW; 210 PS) at 7600 rpm and 216 N·m (22 kg·m) at 6400 rpm
    In Australia engine packages coupled to a J160 6 Speed can be picked up relatively cheap, around $2,500-$3,000AUD. Whereas anything decent and Euro is going to be much, much more. I assume you could get the BEAMS a little cheaper in the US, mainly due to your larger population and hence, possibly greater availability(more people could have imported them).

    With equal length headers, exhaust, ITB's and ECU it should provide similar performance to a BMW S14 for a fraction of the cost. I've seen the mentioned set up produce ~150rwkw(200rwhp) in a number of AE86 and KE70's while retaining the factory J160 6 speed.

    The E30 is lighter than an Altezza and a 4 cylinder should provide much better weight distribution than an M20/M50 etc. E30's with an M20 are 50:50(?) stock but once you strip the cars out a lot of weight is removed from the rear.

    There's nothing telling me this engine swap is a bad choice.

    Can anyone change my mind?

    Sorry if this is the wrong section but I'm more after general discussion than anything else at this stage.
    Burn The Heretic For Suggesting Such Crazy Ideas
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    RS200s are nice sedans.
    Jah bless! :pimp:


      I encourage this--make detailed write up on progress--do some awesome shite

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        If I am to do this, progress won't start until around March. I would like to finish my AE86 before I take on any in depth projects.

        I really think it would be awesome and I'm leaning more towards doing it than putting it in the too hard-CBF basket.


          im loving this new fad of stuffing ALL engines into e30's. srs do it please, it sounds awesome


            I love to see all kinds of cool stuff! like a LS1 Datsun, so go ahead and do it man.

            No need for a flame suit, maybe if you did it to a E30 M3. I would be mad =)
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              As a grassroots import guy, Id LOVE to see this.
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                Doooo eeetttt!!! Seriously your reasons make sense and if you have the technical know how and time to pull it off then why not?
                Originally posted by csermonet47
                Vlad, you are handling this quite unprofessionally.

                Also, you are a cock with tacky taste.

                That is all.


                  Doooo it
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                    You make pursuasive arguments sir. I say follow your heart.

                    (in other words, do it)

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                      so you'll spend 3-4k for 30hp more than your stock 325? there's a reason not to do it.


                        Originally posted by straight6pwr View Post
                        so you'll spend 3-4k for 30hp more than your stock 325? there's a reason not to do it.
                        In my case, 323i shell with no motor or box. I picked it up for $300, however, that's my particular case and the aim of this thread wasn't to convince myself. I'm already 90% convinced it is the right choice FOR ME. This thread is more so to promote ideas and opinions on the conversion in any E30 chassis.

                        HP wouldn't be the only gains seen though, overall weight and distribution should see improvements from an L6. Which from my understanding should improve the handling.

                        That's not to say a well sorted 325 or any other L6 E30 won't handle well but to have more power from a shorter, lighter motor can only be an improvement.

                        YOUTUBE PORN:

                        BEAMS race engine in an Improved Production AE86 at Bathurst.

                        Jay Duca drifting his BEAMS AE71 around Mallala.

                        MotorFix Corolla with BEAMS on ITB's

                        BEAMS/ITB's sounding very throaty on idle.
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                          My first thought was "why" seeing as the S14 fits the bill fine. But, if it's relatively cheap (although the RS200 didn't come in the US, so it probably won't be THAT cheap this side of the pond) and you won't have to "sacrifice" another E30 M3 soul, why not.
                          paint sucks


                            S14 would cost quite a bit more and the idea of M3's dying makes me want to kill kittens.