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Big ///M Motor...small car

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    Big ///M Motor...small car

    So for 2011, the mtech will have a few small changes, and most of them relate to the powerplant. I have always wanted to equip this car with a real ///M motor, ITB's, displacement, no vano's, just a big all motor ///M motor.

    in 2007 I found a 1993 M5, T-Boned, 104K miles, new head at 50K, full service history, etc. Talked to the owner and secured the car for $6500 bucks (yes I paid more for a wrecked E34 M5 then most spend on an E30). My rule for finding an S38 was simple, I wanted something that was already wrecked, but running. With so few E34 M5's made (I wanted a B36 or B38 ) I could not destroy a running un-r3ved one with good concious.

    Now awhile back I bought a 318is front clip from Mr Funk in Portland. I wanted to have a mockup chassis so I can custom fit everything, make mistakes, and allow myself to try different methods of fitting the motor in, without damaging the actual car.

    The M5 was stripped and parted, however the entire running gear was saved, electrical, etc.

    Here are a few of the M5 before it was taken apart.

    Anyway, Here is where I currently sit on the swap into the mockup chassis.

    Current specs on what I have setup

    S38B36, E34 M5 Motronic, Harness etc.
    E34 ECU Box will be highly modified and installed in the front battery tray
    Stock B36 E34 Headers, will clear with treehouse mounts, will need to modify slightly.
    Unmodified subframe, not lowered, no nada. Motor will be TIGHT, but it will fit.
    E34 M5 Brake Booster
    E34 540i remote fluid reservoir
    Completely custom aluminum radiator. I'm keeping the S38B36 Thermostat housing. I know you can swap to the B35 one and remove the need for a custom radiator however BMW went to the larger pump/thermostat for a reason and I'm going to stick with that design. Besides I'm tired of plastic neck radiators.
    Getrag 280 Transmission
    Custom Driveshaft, E34 M5 front section/E30 Rear Section
    Lots of cussing, yelling, money, time, sex, drugs, and rock and roll

    Motor set into place

    Mocking up surrounding components

    Brake Booster

    And the damn hood closes

    Oh and for the hermit crabs around here, the motor is going into THIS

    I wish i was in the PNW so i could see this car in person.

    1992 BMW 325iC
    1978 Chevrolet Monte Carlo
    1965 Chevrolet Corvair Monza 140hp


      Awesome as always, can't wait to see more.
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        This will end well.


          That mock engine bay is absolutely genius! Can't wait to see this finished.


            I love the engine bay for the test fitting.

            Let me know if you need any parts for that engine, have some NOS part laying around.

            This is going to be good.
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              One of the all time great M engines, well the best ever actually, going into a car that truly deserves it. Props for keeping the old school nature in this beast.
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              Originally posted by DEV0 E30
              You'd chugg this butt. I know you would. Ain't gotta' lie to kick it brostantinople.




                  Not much else needs to be said here:


                    Nice to see it finally underway. I remember seeing this car under a tarp at the picnic party and knowing exactly what it was for.
                    paint sucks


                      Originally posted by Jordan
                      I like the stance
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                        M Coupe


                          I've been waiting for this thread for a while now. I have to warn you, expatiations are very high!

                          Commence fapping!
                          Originally posted by Matt-B
                          hey does anyone know anyone who gets upset and makes electronics?


                            Hot damn. This is the perfect e30 in the making.

                            Originally posted by stewie30luvr
                            ooo cause i was fixing my chain tensioner and there was a black widow on the radiator so i killed it
                            Originally posted by JakeP
                            with a coathanger


                              Looks well thought out. Good job with the mockup!

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