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The 30 - Euro Mtech II

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    The 30 - Euro Mtech II

    Here is some basic stuff from my car, I have had it for about 3 years ? I just got a new job so I'm going to be boosting it, so I thought I would start a build thread.

    Here is my previous car that I sold prior to having the E30.

    So this is right after I bought it. The owner could not figure out why it wouldn't start and ended up just being a simple leaking fuel line. (how could he not smell that ?)

    A week after I had to replace the guibo/CSB.

    Then Tach problems.

    A quick weekend respray, the paint was shit as it was so I decided to do something about it.

    Also took some shit out that I didn't need/ broken.

    Then a month later decided to spray the caps a shitty bronze color while i waited for my new wheels to show up. They look so bad hahaha.

    Some dick that i didn't know decided to break out my 2 passenger side windows/ front windshield. We chased after him in my moms 325ci but that's a story in itself.

    That bitch need some moar low.

    Fun in the dirt.

    New wheels but sold them after a while because I left my job so it was back to the bottle caps.

    New job New parts in the mail.

    Replaced motor mounts.

    How she shits now with some new fog glass in.

    And whats going on once I get my spacers in the mail.

    I have something awesome coming from across the pond... I will post updates when I get that in the mail.

    So what is next on the list is.

    4pt Cage will be going in. (already have)
    Replace brace MC (sponge brakes)
    Black Door Cards
    New clutch/ Shave flywheel
    Turbo shit.
    Paint ( Another shade of black cosmos black? or maybe Apline White II)
    Blow up motor ?????
    Profit !
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    My Build

    Nice progress but I liked the original color.



      Mtech Kit in the mail

      ( Wrong front bumper )

      Test fit with rocks.

      Spacers for the wheels and Install

      Got the right bumper in and taking everything off for paint.

      Spraying the trim.

      Car getting painted.

      Putting the trim back on.

      Going for a drive.
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      My Build


        the headlights really cleaned up the front end.

        [B]ORDER PARTS-


          hey nice, seems like everytime someone pics up an e30 there always a case of "some shit to rip out, and a shitload to fix and do." good job
          my build here --->


            Originally posted by N2MYE30 View Post
            Nice progress but I liked the original color.
            I liked it a lot too but it was too faded to save. I could see how you were a bit biased lol.

            My Build


              Nice save! looks a lot better than when you picked it up.


                Wow, nice car and progress. Subscribed


                  what's up with doing push-ups and sleeping in front of the car?


                    Where did you find new glass for the fogs?


                      Originally posted by elemenohpee View Post
                      what's up with doing push-ups and sleeping in front of the car?
                      They were just some pictures my friend took of my car when we went on a trip up north. O was just fooling around when he took those because we were driving for so long. I would have used different ones, but unfortunately I didn't have any with those wheels on.

                      The fogs were replaced with a plastic lense not glass. They are from

                      My Build


                        I still can't believe those Apex wheels wouldn't clear my brakes. Let me know if you wanna sell those cheesy 37's. :p

                        Good to see you back at it.
                        1973 Bavaria


                          did you ever end up catching up the tool that smashed your windows?


                            Thanks Brian!

                            Nah, we didn't end up catching him. We chased after him in my moms car and were right behind him when the cops were behind him so we pulled away. The cops said they didn't catch him.

                            Some goodies came in the mail today...

                            A quick test fit, will take some better pictures this weekend.
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                            My Build



                              Now get the boost going so you can use those DRs.
                              paint sucks