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This is Sofie- Now w/ 5 lug and MT-2!

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    This is Sofie- Now w/ 5 lug and MT-2!

    Anyone remember my old cabby? The E30 I finally bought after 600+ on E30tech without having an E30?

    Well if not, take a look at my old thread:

    This is Sofie, a 10/90 M42 vert that's traveled 132k in her life.

    I bought her as a shell and have since put her back together for the most part.

    This is Mr. M3, he was so kind to donate a 70k S50. (The big thing Sofie craves)

    Unfortunately sitting around awhile with no hood in South Texas weather does take some toll.

    The S50 was pulled and loaded up for its trip home.

    Thanks to Mr. M3 again!

    And what's this? Some weird numbers on a box in a different language. Wonder what this could be....

    Oh a brand spanking new early model E28 520i flywheel, 13.6 #'s BTW and no shaving required. :)

    Matching shorter flywheel bolts too

    Ireland Engineering BBK

    That's a 14' BBS RA for comparison.

    The S50 home safe and sound, let the fun begin. :o

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    Need a part? PM me.

    Get your Bass on. Luke's r3v Boxes are here:


      Ewww, I hate it when people call their cars names...

      Have fun!
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        Ewww, I hate it when people call their cars names...
        1992 BMW 325iC <3


          This should be good stuff. Looking forward to updates!
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          ‘Tis by the grace of God that my cars run!

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          Siobhan's Build Thread - UPDATED!


            Originally posted by hurricanevic09 View Post

            Careful I know where you live, I may make your cabby a parts car in the middle of the night.....

            Originally posted by kingston View Post
            This should be good stuff. Looking forward to updates!


              Valve cover off for inspection!

              No gunk to speak of, chain is nice and tight, no wear on the sprockets, and no oil leaking past into the spark plug hole. :)

              And this is the muffler I also got for free.

              It's off of an e39 540i that was sporting ACS everything. Worst case if we can't get it to fit, we can sell it. It was $1200 new. :S


                I'm ordering new EVERYTHING, here's some of the part numbers needed to do so. This is about 20% of the part numbers I need so far. x-x

                I'm post this list up later for others to use once I'm done with it. ;)


                  Sick. Can't wait to see more

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                    Well that was expensive,

                    A grand total of 97 part numbers ordered. The largest single order my dealership has ever had. Previously held by a Porsche owner with 95. ;)

                    12 Pages of refreshing goodness.

                    The transmission, oil pan + etc, E36 M3 brake master cylinder, IX booster, and driveshaft will be on a palette on their way from California by Monday.

                    The 413 DME should be here Monday and the 1991 325i cabrio body wiring harness should get here from Canada in a few weeks. As for what I'm doing with that will be a secret for now. :)

                    And I'll be ordering the actual swap materials sometime tonight.


                      whats up with the one ACS wheel?


                        There's more than one. :)

                        The yard threw them in as well as the muffler since they didn't have the ecu that they promised, so this was their compensation. That muffler came off of an E39 with ACS everything, including the aero kit.


                          15s or 16s?




                              Parts have started rolling in...

                              Started tearing down the engine tonight.

                              Took off the intake to get the harness out to ship to Eric to work his magic.

                              Harness and hoses off:

                              Figured out how the hell to bolt up the manifold supports on my M50 while I was here:

                              Took off the thermostat and water pump out to find a nice discovery.

                              Thermo and water pump has been replaced!