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☆From Sewer to Best Ever☆ E30 M3 Sport Evolution -CONVERSION- + 740i e38 MY NEW LOVE!

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    ☆From Sewer to Best Ever☆ E30 M3 Sport Evolution -CONVERSION- + 740i e38 MY NEW LOVE!

    HI guys! my name is David i am 18 year old boy who really likes old BMW´s especially e30. I decided to buy my own BMW e30. At first i sold my piaggio scooter and bought this really ugly e30, main was that it is coupé and chassis was in good condition for that money. Than i decided to restore this car and put really big engine to it. Like i said i am young and i don´t have enough money, but no excuses i will done this car one day :) So follow my low-cost project and say what do you think :) every opinion is good for me. I know that, there is a lot of better project, but THIS IS MY FIRST CAR, AND FIRST SWAP. CHEERS!

    first pictures of E30:

    horrible tuning :(
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    ok! under that bumpers was a lot of rust. but nothing bad for us :)
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      Upload your images to a hosting site and then link them. Attachments is never very elegant.
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        Loooooot of rust :( but nothing difficult for us :)

        Rusty batery place

        Rusty floor



        Rusty underbody

        other side

        Rust rust rust......:rofl:
        Completely rusted under bumper..... omg


          OK! its time to restore this places ;)

          Rear bumper completely fixed ;)

          Both sides of underbody are repaired :)

          Batery place from under view- repaired! ;)

          Coating :) some health care



            Old M40B16 engine! GO OUT!

            AND! a little bit more agressive engine M62B44TU

            :) First fiting engine to the engine bay! ANY QUESTION?;D


              Some Goodies arrived!

              early m60 intake manifold from 540i:
              I painted it to formula red color :)

              5spd tranny from 530i. I painted it to black metallic color :)

              E39 M5 flywheel

              Brand new Sachs sport clutch kit for E39 M5 engine


                it is time to wiring;);)

                Clutch kit is bolted up

                And the last important thing is Flywheel position sensor
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                  OK! wiring is done! do you want to see video ? :)


                    Some goodies must be relocated in engine bay :) and.... making new exhaust coming soon :) enjoy potstir


                      Great work thus far! What radiator are you running?
                      My e30: OEM+ with M30B35


                        Originally posted by lukeADE335i View Post
                        Great work thus far! What radiator are you running?
                        Its aftermarket radiator from mitsubishi EVO :)


                          Silicone samco sport hoses and aluminium pipes arrived! cooling setup coming soon :) stay tuned!


                            hellou guys! today we bolted up propshaft and complete the cooling system for M62 :)
                            do you like it?

                            Propshaft :)

                            cooling hoses and pipes :)


                              Today new parts arrived!
                              - 8 iridium spark plugs premium
                              - 2 stainless resonators
                              - oil cooler
                              - CU brake hoses

                              .... I am little bit dissapointed, i though that my thread will be more viewed and commented :)