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1990 325is Progression // M20B25 Rebuild

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    your other red e30 was top notch. what wheels are those? VOLK?


      Ordered a few new shiny parts with plenty more on the way. A Bimmerheads rebuilt "Touring" cylinder head, a set of .020" oversize pistons, and damn near every single drivetrain gasket, bushing, bearing, etc, needed for a full refresh. I'll post a photo of everything together once it gets here.

      In the meantime I tore down the M20 and have it ready for a machine shop. Heading to one in the morning, they seem to specialize in JDM AWD 4-cylinders but look like the most pro guys in the area. Anyway, I cleaned it up a bit. The amount of grease and gunk was staggering. I blew apart oil pump and found some damage / pitting on the teeth. I'm replacing nearly every component of the oil pump because buying parts, cleaning, and assembling it myself is half the price of a new one. Both intermediate shaft bearings are toast and new ones will have to be machined in place. Before & after a quick wash, hopefully the machine shop can clean it better. I'm going to be painting the block gold in homage to my last red E30.

      Oil pump gear and intermediate shaft bearings. This M20 really needed a full rebuild even though it ran great.

      Picked up a factory remanufactured 3.46 LSD from an E28. Swapped the diff cover and output shafts to fit the E30. I thought about it and a couple reasons for using a taller diff are...
      1. I'm driving on the highway for long periods of time
      2. I'd like to turbo the M20 after it's been rebuilt and has proven itself road worthy

      1990 325is Brilliantrot/Natur