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Cleaning up someone elses mess

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    Cleaning up someone elses mess

    Rather than paying the $750 insurance deductible to get my car repaired from a hit & run, I got sick of looking at a taped-up tail light and did it myself.

    The before shot. It looked far worse in person, especially when you walk out of work to find it like this when not 10 minutes earlier it was perfect.

    Partially sanded and test-fitting the new tail light. It was creased on the side and there was no way I was able to hammer it out so I left it as-is.

    Work is done and car is ready for some off-roading. It was great that it was pissing rain the entire time.

    It actually turned out fairly well. Low light the car looks great, but when it's bright you can see a slight difference in the paint. The car looks different already, too, as the tail lights are now red/white... no more orange. Still lots of work to go. I think a local body shop re-did the paint on this car, and they did a horrible job, so I've got a lot of work ahead of me.
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    you might want to fix your pic, im seeing the same one over and over


      Sorry for your misfortune.. I hate when people do that, assholes. That's a big reason why I park far away from anyone in public parking lots, too.

      Hey, you could use this as an excuse to swap in plastic bumpers, then repaint the whole rear end. :)

      "If I were filthy rich I'd still drive my E30."