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1988 Delphin Sedan - Rebirthed from a wreck

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    1988 Delphin Sedan - Rebirthed from a wreck

    Well, I've had the car for 4 years now, I'm starting my build thread a little late. I'm going to post pictures and some details on the day I picked it up and the initial journey of the car.

    I originally bought the car as a winter beater from a guy who's mom owned it since 1995, then he bought it off his mom and gave it to his son as a first car. Shortly after he rear ended an F350, causing the front end damage just above the bumper which would have saved the car. The car sat for a while and the tires were bald and ended up delaminating themselves on his drive so that made for an interesting test drive. The interior was in mint condition as his mom had seat covers on it since the day she owned it until his son took over the car. It had an aftermarket car phone and of course that had to stay.

    Here's a few pictures of the car the day I picked it up;

    So after that I drove it with the damage for the first winter with the damage and the clutch fan flexing and banging off the radiator. I had no intentions of turning it in to a project car in the beginning but that all changed.
    I had a fully built Subaru STi which I got sick of dumping money into it for stupid reasons that just ended up being recurring issues. That's when I decided to part out the STi and start building my E30.

    So I decided to source out all new front end parts. Rad support, headlights, grille, fender and valence and started fixing it.

    I decided to make it a removable rad support since I was doing a turbo build and I was used to pulling engines from the Subaru so I wanted to prepare for the worst!

    At that point I decided to go all out. 5 Speed swap, 325i Engine, Turbo, Full suspension and bushing refresh, a little refresh on the interior, and some nice wheels!

    IE Camber and Toe plates welded in

    Full IE Bushing kit (Diff, Motor Mounts, Trans Mount, Control Arm Bushings, Trailing arm bushings)

    Decided to refresh the engine a bit before installing the i engine. All new gaskets, Timing components, Water pump, Colt Cams turbo grind cam, lapped valves, check and set valve lash. Check bearing clearances, ARP Studs, and an MLS Head gasket.

    Paired the newly refreshed i engine to a KA Motors turbo manifold and Holset HE341 turbo. Putting the boost to the ground through a G260 transmission and a Spec Stage 3 clutch.

    Had some friends help me fab up some custom intercooler piping and exhaust and added a wastegate to the turbo manifold.

    Figured I might as well keep it sleeperish looking and mount the intercooler behind the grille and keep it low key. I also added an aftermarket oil cooler from an FC RX7 Turbo 2. It fit the lower grille perfectly.

    This is where I lost track of taking photos of the build. I finished up all the suspension and electronics (BCRacing coilovers, new control arms, tie rods, E46 steering rack, Megasquirt PNP, Gauges, Wasted spark) and also some interior touches (2M Shift boot, Recaro SR3 seats from an Evo recovered, Renown Steering wheel, Rally road gauge pods

    Heres a final shot of the engine bay from the turbo M20 setup, I never had it dyno'd but I estimated it to be about 320-350whp on 19 PSI comparatively to the cars it kept up with!

    And a few full car shots in its previous form!