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    Long term project A0 -

    I was first thinking to use this as a guideline for a wtf lotto car collection, may still do it with the C10, D20, e30, F40, G50, L100, S170, T180, W210, XJ220 and 240Z. And the rocket launcher.

    reply what you've been in/on/own, give alternative options:

    retarded, dumb and childish but this is r3v, so...

    A10 - Thunderbolt? Arrows A10/Ascari A10
    B0 -
    C10 - GMC C10
    D20 - Chevrolet D20 (brazil)
    F40 - duh
    G50 - Matchless G50 Motorcycle
    H60 - Sikorsky type heli
    I70 - Interstate or submarine
    J80 - some sort of sailboat
    K90 - several ex military ships
    L100 - Mitsu Minicab
    M110 - Weapons, Benz engine
    N120 - road in Spain
    O130 - another blank
    P140 - russian rocket launcher
    Q150 - some train
    R160 - NYC Subway car
    S170 - JDM Toyota Crown estate
    T180 - fifth gen Toyota Celica
    U190 - German WW2 sub - missing
    V200 - Cadillac Gage Commando
    W210 - fuck yeah Benz model
    X220 - X(J)220?
    Y230 - TGV engine
    Z240 - Datsun 240Z

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      You have entirely too much time on your hands.


        Originally posted by Eric View Post
        i have no idea...

        but i'm pretty sure GMC never made a C/10

        1992 BMW 325iC
        1965 Chevrolet Corvair Monza 140hp


          He made a list in alphabetical and numerical order by tens starting with "e30" and tried to come up with things that use that combination. He's looking for people to mark which of those things they have driven. His explanation was terrible.


            who tha fuck post dis?!
            I can run Auto Checks on VINs for tips/donations:
            PM me VIN(s) and I'll get you ALL the public recorded info that I have available.
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              It's a damn S30 or 240z, not a Z240.

              And this is lame.

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