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I want to buy NOT an e30, need help car shopping

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    Originally posted by E30 Wagen View Post
    Sorry, I can't resisting sharing this story about my Rx8 encounter at the HPDE I did this summer at Gingerman. Hopefully I can explain this clearly - the long straight is preceded by a right-hand turn; after the apex of this turn it climbs up before eventually leveling off onto the straight section. After the apex I always held the throttle wide open (3rd gear), yet if something like an e36 M3 was behind me I'd have to point him by and he'd blow my doors off almost before the hill starts to level out (I'm in a stock eta). However, in a couple sessions this Rx8 is behind me as I'm coming out of the turn - as usual I give the point-by, not bothering to let off the gas since most cars easily fly past me. But each time he struggled to catch me until half-way down the straight. And apparently he burned through a quart of oil every half hour session - I burned through none the entire weekend.

    Therefore you should buy an eta.
    LOL! I used to hate when a person would not lift when pointing by and instead chose to drag race down the straight. I always lifted so as to let the pass happen fast.

    I only tracked my RX7 and when it only had 300 to the wheels the higher HP V8 cars would make life hard on the straights. Once I did my upgrades and had over 400 to the wheels that was no longer a problem, I could catch them in the twisties then demoralize them on the straights. My RX7 used no oil because I took off the oil metering pump and premixed my gas.

    I never tracked my RX8, it did not seem like it had the power. I preferred to Autocross it and chase my buddies on mountain roads, of course, obeying the speed limit and all. :D

    Yeah, I would not want to use an RX8 as a track weapon, just not fast enough, especially for DE's where everyone is trying to race each other down the straights.

    Good story!!
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      Haha, I didn't really mean to race him, but my driving instructor was like, "Don't let off! Make him chase you!" LOL. I mean, I'm in a stock eta, pass me already touge boy (it had a big ass wing and gutted interior). It was fun.

      I'm thinking OP needs a 528e. Auto. Bronzit. Riding on original TRXs.
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        I've had 3 e28's, not a fan. A new car I'm considering is an e60 545i sport. You can buy a nice one for $10k with a 6 speed and I prefer the look of the early e60 to the facelift cars other than the 550i sport, which I would also consider but they seem to be a little out of my price range.

        Does iDrive suck really bad? The 545i I am considering would be '04-'06 I guess, so that's around when that came out IIRC
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          I love my e90 335i e90 330 are great too

          Of your original choices i say m5 you already have a s54 e 30 so dont see the point and audi's are crap imo
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