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So you want to attend a track event...

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    on car prep.. get an alignment !!!

    and take the air freshener off the rear view mirror.. (its distracting)
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      great info.! i hope to try the auto-x soon.


        This was a nice writeup.
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          Originally posted by Oxbrain
          I'd mostly just be worried about my engine blowing up since it's got 200k miles on it.

          I just did DE1 and 2, he is right its punishment but the E30 is a freakin champ man, I have 230k miles on mine with tokico springs and shocks, it freakin flew! You wont have a problem senor.


            Makin' Bones!

            On the smaller stock car tracks, there are no schools, licenses, or any requirements. One of the hottest local 1/2 mile drivers here was track champion at 15 and had two years expeience in late models with about 525 HP in a 2600 # car. What you do need is the endorsement of a few respected drivers and then you can practice and run the first heat race on probationary status.
            I have no illusions that this could work in a racing organization that sees 50-100 new and relatively inexperienced faces every year. Even SCCA will tell someone to go back and run another season of regionals if they are a squirrel. Even in good ol' boy NASCAR, a lot of the new crowd started in go-karts at about age six- Kurt Busch, Jeff Gordon, and even bad boy Tony Stewart. My point is that you have to meet some basic criteria. There's a bit of pride to swallow in driving "school" but it's better for everybody including yourself. Racers are very competitive and also very supportive as the prior posts to this thread illustrate. It's forums like this one at their best and why I like R3V especially.


              damn, this is an awesome thread, thanks!


                M20 engines can handle lots of track miles. My street/track car is pushing 250k on the original engine and still going strong with good compression.

                Even the engine in my E30 race car has 5 years on it.

                The weak link on the M20 are the rocker arms. You probably won't blow up an engine, but you may break a rocker arm.

                Because the power drops off at 6k rpm, I try to shift at 6k on the track. Doing that I believe has really extended the life of the engine and rocker arms. It is the last few hundred RPMs that really give the rockers a beating!

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                  very good info in this thread!

                  i like the comment about the gofast gimicks, i'm sure the engineers who designed your car knew what they were doing when they selected suspension components ;)

                  another thing is remember to ask questions, if you don't understand why/how/when you should or should not be doing something, ask. ...when in doubt, ask questions...theres plenty of knowledge out there

                  the best thing you can gain is to understand why and how your car is doing the things it does

                  also make sure you use funnels to top off fluids, if you spill oil or something, you car will smoke, you may get pulled off the track and lose a session just because you were too lazy to get a funnel! not to mention the mess you'll make in the paddock area, be nice and always use a funnel!


                    I don't care how old this is, that's a damn good write up.
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                      Lance Racing , I like the writing on the lip !!! lol
                      Mtech1 v8 build thread -

                      OEM v8 manual chip or dme -


                        You can't overlook seatbelts. P.E. Products offers replacement OE belts if you don't want to spring for full race or Schroth. Engines will easily last for 20 plus years; seatbelts don"t!
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                          This is nice, good info.
                          I'll add, please remember to point cars by. Before everything gets started there is always a drivers meeting. DONT MISS IT. they will go over where it is cool to pass and how to let a car behind you know you are letting them by.
                          After all we are all driving cars we love and dont want any confusion.

                          Oh ya, probably the best mod I made to my car was a set of racing pedals. I personally like my gass pedal really wide so it's easy to blip the throttle under braking.


                            Good thread for any track weekender, also remember tire shine is very, very slippery. When I instruct I will not get in a car with tire shine on it, neither will any other instructor I know.

                            I race with NASA in the German Touring Series, and run a stock engine with a chip and factory air box, Brakes are stock with SS lines and hawk blue pads, suspension is a little more upgraded, Koni yellows with ground control coil over and stock sway bars with poly bushings. I am a top 3 contender in my class.
                            Go fast parts are not for the track until you can drive your stock set up to the limit, which unless you are Bill Auberlen, Boris Said, or Hans Stuck, will probably never happen. Don't get me wrong you can upgrade you just don't need to when you start.
                            Leave your auto X or country road driving ego at home, there will always be a piece of shit car in your run group that will be on your ass at the end of the corners that you can out run down the straight, LET THEM GO BY, they ARE faster than you. Likewise, for all you corvette F's out there when there is a trail or cars behind you after the corners let them by, they are faster than you.

                            Just my 2 cents to add to a great thread.
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                              wow you guys are amazing that is great advice i was thinking of getting ready for my car to run on the track, definetly something i will keep looking at


                                this thread is filled with knowledge. it has made me want to go to a track. i just got 88 325is in dec. of 06 and did an engine and transmission swap with my friend. i just put new pads and rotors on it and just need to borrow an impact gun to do my suspension. i'm stoked to hopefully get out on a track soon. anyone know of some decent noobie tracks in the so cal area? pm for info