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2017 scca solo STX rule clarifictions

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    2017 scca solo STX rule clarifictions

    If I'm reading all the rules correctly there are a few mods that I've done that would bump my 91 318is to DSP.

    m20 flywheel
    remove a/c (just removed the compressor and lines up to the firewall)
    remove power steering
    coil on plug
    e36 steering rack
    e36 electric fan

    Can anyone clarify if I'm correct in those assumptions or help clear up what would be considered legal in STX? I would rather not run in DSP for any of the mods listed above, but at this point I'll probably do so if needed.

    From your other thread it seems like you've already figured it out, but for posterity you are correct, none of those changes are ST legal.
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