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    new member first post haz questions

    wassup R3VLTD? Been lurking for a while. I've had a zillion BMW rides over the years (I'm old haha) both 4 and 2 wheel varieties. Actually some had 3.

    Recently sold my 99 techno e36 M3 that was my 3-series "for life" until a schwarz 97 with a blower showed up. It needs a little sprucing which I can't get to until next year. I may have questions then.

    Aside from that, I recently came into 2 vintage German cars from an elderly retired couple. One of the cars is a pretty decent e30 which I'm going to sell. Since I'm so new (I just registered) would it be against the rules or just bad form to post it here? I don't want to ruffle any feathers!

    There was an M3 specific forum I used to post on that seems to have died. So here I am lol.

    thanks all!


    Pics of car?

    It's not that hard to get enough posts to be able to make a sale ad in the correct subforum.
    1987 - 325i Convertible Delphin Auto [SOLD], 325i Convertible Delphin Manual [SOLD]
    1989 - 325i Convertible Bronzit m30b35 swapped [SCRAPPED], 325i Sedan Alpine Auto[DD]
    1991 - 325i Coupe Laguna Manual [Project], 535i Sedan Alpine [SCRAPPED]


      Thanks McGyver

      Yes I didn’t literally mean post “here” I meant elsewhere on the forum.

      The car is an 88 325 (super eta I guess?) that I got from the 1st owner. Original paint, body, interior, engine, trans etc. CA until 91 and WA state since so zero rust. 206k. No show queen but pretty darn nice. Garaged since new. Numerous things to fix but very solid. Tons of maintenance over the years.

      Only mod is the stereo head unit. Yes it has a clutch pedal lol.