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    In an effort to let everyone be reminded what a pile of steaming garbage panjo is, I keep getting an equally smelly and worthless kid asking to buy my parts, asks about shipping, complains, offers less, then asks for paypal address then never gets back because he is a business owner still trying to make it and needs a bailout. GTFO.

    Panjo opens up the classifieds to way too many audiences; an audience I never intended or desired.

    Panjo blows. I have not seen one honest, positive review of panjo.
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      ^ Gonna agree with you 100% on the comment about an undesirable audience via panjo.

      I get incredibly lowball prices, and I receive unpleasant/rude responses on the regular. I'm talking 40 dollars, shipped to Taiwan, for a 70 dollar item that requires 100 in shipping alone (this is not a joke btw).

      I attribute this to the fact that there is very rarely (none in my cases) a username or reputation on a forum tied to the interaction. People on panjo are unanimous and act much differently than my previous (years ago) parts selling expeditions on R3v where peoples usernames were very visible. Think 4chan versus meeting someone in a parking lot face to face kinda behavior.

      panjo can suck a fat one. I deal with it because I have to, but I do wish it would disappear.
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