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    Tapatalk issues

    Figured I'd move this here to avoid clogging the other thread and General Discussion.

    Still seeing the buffer over run issue on any threads over 10 pages or so (based off the web version.)

    I know it's not a priority for those that use the web version, but I use the Tapatalk version far more than the browser because it used to be quicker for browsing, made it easier to keep tabs on conversations I was involved with, and was a lot easier to post pics.

    Not sure if the issues are on the Tapatalk side or the R3v side, but let me know if you need me to run some tests. I can also look at the API and see if there's an issue there.
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    Tapatalk simply doesn't update at all for me. Shows old threads only, and when clicking on those, I can't see content. It just shows the 'loading' wheel spinner regardless of using WiFi or mobile data. I have the latest version installed, too. Are people having better luck with the iOS version? I'm on Android.
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