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N. SD County Job Openings: Detailer, Showroom Attendant, Vintage Auto Technician

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    N. SD County Job Openings: Detailer, Showroom Attendant, Vintage Auto Technician

    Located in Fallbrook off the 15N, 10mi south of Temecula, 20mi north of Escondido. Keep in mind that commuting south to Fallbrook in the morning and north in the evening can be a pain in the ass.

    We're looking for a detailer, a showroom attendant, and potentially a vintage auto technician. We sell mainly vintage high-end cars and restore air-cooled Porsches.

    The detailer position is a high-level sublet job. We may have a week's worth of work one week, a day the next. We're willing to pay high market rates for competence and you must be well-versed in color correction of basecoat and base/clear paints. You also need to have excellent interior detail skills and above-average attention to detail with a strong, quick work ethic. We're not going to rush you but we're also not interested in having our time wasted; it's in both of our best interests for there to be mutual understanding of expectations and deliverables. If you have experience wrapping, we will pay well for someone who can not only perform an exceptional detail, but wrap it exceptionally well.

    The showroom attendant position is a full-time job. Not interested in training at this time, must be good with manual transmission and have decent mechanical understanding. You need to have a valid driver's license, be insurable with no license suspensions on your recent record, etc. Standard "we are trusting you with $250k+ cars, don't make us regret it" stuff. Monday through Friday, 8am to 5pm. We typically have 40+ cars to keep clean, charged, and ready for sale.

    You'll handle minor detail work, keep the cars clean, check voltage levels and move cars to facilitate charging, complete maintenance checklists, move cars for photoshoots, make parts runs, and maintain the showroom, shop, and grounds. There is the potential of moving laterally or vertically either at the sales or restoration facility but as of now, let's keep it simple and just say that you're needed as a showroom attendant first and foremost. The shop's a pretty light atmosphere despite the tone of this post.

    The vintage auto technician job is something I'm feeling out. We're incredibly overwhelmed and need another wrench, but that wrench needs to be one hell of a good one. If you have experience with air-cooled Porsches (or think you can get up to speed quickly), can read and understand workshop manuals, and are a quick study when it comes to originality, we may have an opening for you. This position is demanding, I'm not going to lie, and we don't have A/C or benefits. I can work with scheduling if you want non-traditional hours or a non-traditional work week.

    Shoot me a PM and we can get the ball rolling on any of these positions.
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