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    Originally posted by nando View Post
    I think there has always been a desire to do this but I think the logistics of handling it are pretty impossible. The main thing that would have to happen is everyone would have to be pre-registered. that means no more just dropping in with a random E30 to say hi, which goes against the spirit of the picnic that all E30s are welcome.
    It wouldn't that hard to do, even if everyone isn't pre-registered.

    They would just need a rough estimate of how many E30s in each section to expect so that they know how much space to leave. Then as cars arrive at the gate all you have to do it point them to the appropriate section, It would probably help speed up parking too.

    The site at Lemay was very nice place to be, but it we are already outgrowing it. It would be nice to have all the cars on the grass and in the same area and this year we ended up having cars parked along the driveway and on the far side of the driveway where they are not as much a part of the show as all the cars in the general area in the grass.

    I think having a more track themed meet would be fun but it wouldn't be in the spirit of the E30 picnic. Not everyone there and every car is up to the task of driving there car on the track and it seems that many cars would be excluded if the picnic were to go in this direction.

    and to answer Lance:

    The pre-registration went smoothly and the way cars were getting checked in didn't seem to be holding anyone up

    The Location was nice and I think having the cars on the grass was nice and cooled things down a little bit, A hot summer day on the asphalt could be pretty draining.

    Time of month is great, I had time to work on my car for a week after I finished school and was able to get it picnic ready, I wouldn't have been able to make it had it been 2 weeks earlier

    The $12 cost to register seemed fair.

    There were some great raffle prizes, selling tickets to raise money is a good thing, but I also though it would have been nice to limit the number of tickets to give everyone who came with a car a fair chance.

    I ended up not buying any barbecue so I cant comment. I was expecting the price to be a little cheaper though.

    Didn't take the tour but would have liked to, once again trying to save a little cash.
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      pre-registration process - good, I like the ability to prepay.

      location- I liked it :)

      time of month - worked for me

      cost - fair

      raffle format - went smoothly. I did like the idea of buying tickets to add to the donation for the foundation.

      food service - didn't have any BBQ so I can't comment

      tour (concerning the museum, not the drive at the end)- was good, I enjoyed the brief history of the place and tour of the other building as much as the collection. Probably won't do it again next year since I lost an hour looking at E30s :)
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        Originally posted by Lance Racing View Post
        Guys, thanks for the feedback, keep it coming. I'd like to know your opinions about:

        pre-registration process
        time of month
        raffle format
        food service

        We did have a learning curve with this new venue. we've taken notes on how to get the E30s on the lawn more efficiently next year.
        Speaking for tacoma locals, taste of tacoma was the same weekend. I know of a few people specifically that couldn't go because of the overlap
        Who doesn't love a little BBQ?
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          pre-registration process - I liked it. Nice to have out of the way.

          location - Nice, but the grass needs to be cut shorter.

          time of month - Works well for me.

          cost - Fair.

          raffle format - Great! I liked being able to purchase tickets. It might be worth while to avoid some of the generic t-shirt/hat items. Go big or go home! ;)

          food service - BBQ2U FTW!!! :up:

          tour - I didn't go on it primiarily because of the length. With this many cars I'm not comfortable with a 90min drive. To me this should be more of a 30min parade. Low speed and fun to see all the cars together. Anything longer makes it hard for people to safely stay together.


            Honestly, the bbq wasn't all that good. Yes there were a lot of people, which may have caused the food to not taste as good as it could have. I registered late, and even 20 dollars seemed fair. Well worth every penny, and I would keep the venue. There is a lot of space left on the lawn. Im jumping all over so bear with me. I feel that if the lawn was organized a bit better, there could be WAY more cars on the lawn. AND I didn't even know there was a non e30 section :(



              Originally posted by 1craze30 View Post
              AND I didn't even know there was a non e30 section :(
              This i also didnt know. and from the pictures it looks like there were a couple cars there.


                The "non E30" section was just the parking lot for the museum.
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                  -Le May is an excellent location
                  -The tour of the facilities was informative and interesting I would like to have seen more of the collection
                  -The BBQ was very good for the price
                  -Pre registering went smoothly I would do that again and pay more to get more (what ever more is)
                  -Tour/drive was nice, it might be nice to end up at a location that people can hang/chat and buy a beverage. It was hard to keep the line from being dismantled by traffic lights and intersections.
                  -The raffle went well. The more winners the better

                  -I like the idea of grouping cars
                  -Shorter grass
                  -A discount rate or designated Hotel might be nice for the out of towners
                  -Seminars on Sunday might also be appreciated


                    Long grass makes your M5 look Loow yo.

                    Its a good thing.
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                        Originally posted by Kruzen View Post
                        Speaking for tacoma locals, taste of tacoma was the same weekend. I know of a few people specifically that couldn't go because of the overlap
                        I still had time to go to the Taste of Tacoma Friday, finish my e30 Friday night and still make it to all of the events.

                        Food was good, location was good and the raffle was great. My new Ground Controls are hot.


                          pre-registration process - good, I like the ability to prepay, and save time there

                          location- I liked it, shorter grass though. I have grass on my cat and pan :(

                          time of month - worked for me much better, more time to get shit one

                          cost - fair, I prefer even #'s though, like 5, 10, 15$ etc

                          raffle format - Limit if tickets bought should be limited. That one idiot bought 500$ worth of tickets, and didn't win a thing.

                          food service - didn't have any BBQ so I can't comment

                          Tour - didnt go on it.

                          Please leave feedback below, thanks





                              Yeah the ticked thing got me all peeved, but the gc coilovers went to a red ticket holder, which I think was just



                                Had a great time this weekend!

                                - The location was beautiful. Perfect for a picnic and made for a nice place to look at the cars. Could probably fit another 50 or so with a slightly different arrangement and using the sides. I liked that the parking was directed and all of the cars were facing the same way/no non-E30s mixed in.

                                - The BBQ was fine, seemed to work well for feeding so many people at a decent price. No complaints.

                                - Pre-registering was an amazing idea. I liked seeing the list of registered attendees as opposed to just a disorganized copy-pasted list in a thread somewhere. The price was definitely fair.

                                - The raffle was a fun idea. I didn't buy any extra tickets but that's not really my thing.

                                - I found the tour of LeMay okay; the tour guide didn't seem to be all that knowledgable or experience at giving tours but I think I heard him say he isn't normally a tour guide so I'll forgive him for that. I can't say I'd go on it again though. I didn't get a chance to go on the drive.

                                - The tech session at Griots was interesting and a lot of fun, definitely enjoyed it.


                                - I think judging/prizes might be a fun idea. This was my first picnic so I'm not sure if they were done in the past or not.

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