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Annual R3VLimited 2019 E30 Picnic Party

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    Annual R3VLimited 2019 E30 Picnic Party

    Here are the details for the yearly R3VLimited Picnic party, hosted at my new home in Olalla WA (15 min from the Accuracy Automotive Tech Day.


    Saturday, June 22nd at 4:30pm

    This year will be special as its the first gathering of the R3Vlimited community at my new property.

    Details are pretty damn simple, we will be providing most of the food (BBQ) and some snacks/soda/beer, however I ask that people please provide $20.00 bucks, and bring something that they may enjoy. The $20.00 is to cover the BBQ costs (which I am having catered, and will be fantastic (seriously, best god damn BBQ ever)) This also covers the many kegs we will have!

    I know many of you will plan on staying the evening, and we are now setup to accommodate with 5 acres of room for tents, as well as 4400 sq feet of floor to crash on as needed.

    Please RSVP via this thread so I know how many are showing up!

    Address is

    14157 Olympic Drive SE
    Olalla, WA 98359

    My cellular (if you get lost or whatever)

    two five three, two two four, four eight o one

    For questions I know will come up

    Q: What happened to building a new house after the fire?
    A: After two years of battling the city on permits, contractors and builders coming up with insane numbers it basically became a poor route to take. The land is currently for sale and I wish whomever buys it good luck on building what they want up there

    Q: Isn't Olalla kinda out there?
    A: Its on the edge of Gig Harbor, right off the freeway, and granted me the ability to be near the city while still enjoying acreage. If I didn't have the view of the water I wanted land to spread out, build a shop, and enjoy the car-guy dream

    Q: If I don't want to crash at the house, where should I stay?
    A: Look for hotels in Gig Harbor, its a 15min drive and very easy to get to

    Q: Are we still to the picnic on Sunday morning?
    A: Yep, from the old house it was 16.9 Miles to LeMay, now its 29.2 Miles, or about 38 min, same distance we used to drive up to XXX BBQ back in the day.

    Q: What if we want to prefunk before and avoid the tech day?
    A: Lots of Bars in Gig Harbor, just don't be stupid and drink and drive.

    Q: What about parking? the old house had a dead end street which was awesome
    A: I have 5 acres with a long private driveway.. parking is not an issue

    Q: Will it still be fun?
    A: Yes, yes it will be

    Q: Still sounds too far out there
    A: You have a fun car... drive it ..otherwise sucks to be you.

    Q: I don't have Facebook, how do I RSVP?
    A: Just do it here, that's fine.
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    The "Facebook event" link is for the 2016 party.


      Originally posted by AndrewBird View Post
      The "Facebook event" link is for the 2016 party.
      Removed, thanks


        One day, I will make it out there.

        Have fun everyone.
        @IRON-E30 aka Edwin:D


          The Bananas will be there.
          Much wow
          I hate 4 doors


            I’ll be there. Hopefully I won’t break my oil pan at you house again James [emoji3]

            Drive Tastefully!

            BMWCCA #398608
            IG @yagayo38

            "The Best E30's were built with two camshafts four cylinders and sixteen valves!".


              I will be there eeeeaaaarrrrly ;)

              "BMW Style 32 Poster-Child"
              **(My Guide to E36 M3/Z3 1.9L 5-lug Swap)


                Have fun fellas!
                Classic BMW Specialists
                Santa Clarita, CA