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I need help! Stuck at Summit Point with BLOWN M50 :(

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    I need help! Stuck at Summit Point with BLOWN M50 :(

    Hey guys, I desperately need help!!! I am at the Summit Point Raceway in WV and my build motor died on the first lap, actually... I didn't even get the chance the complete the full lap. I was thinking it was the head gasket but...turned out to be a lot worse :(

    Check out the carnage:

    I am 300 miles from home with no tow vehicle. I need to be towed ANYWHERE off the track so I can pick up the car with my own trailer some time later. I would prefer to be towed to NJ or NYC area, but anywhere in the northern direction would be incredibly appreciated.

    I'll be at the track all day hunting down a ride but please contact me directly @

    347 291 1575

    Again, any help would be HUGE right now.

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    Damn, that sucks. Good luck, man!

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      Wish I could help you man. That sucks.
      I got a fender roller now! LMK if you need me to roll your fenders or want to rent the tool from me locally.


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        Wish I could lend you a hand. Let me know if you need any help working on that motor once you get it back up here.



          f*ck... i would help you if i could.
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            AAA? Anybody in the area could use one of their tows.
            Originally posted by Gruelius
            and i do not know what bugg brakes are.


              Denis, if you were within 120mi I would come down and let you use 1 of my tows.
              Can you at least connect a tow strap and have Al pull you off the track at low speeds?
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                Hey guys, fortunately a friend of mine was able to drive down with a flat bed. We're heading home now. Poor Betty looks so sad on the flat bed!
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                  damn that sucks!


                    Just wanted to update this...My buddy was able to drive down from NYC and pick me up earlier today. Betty is home safe and sound.

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                      Wish we had room on the trailer, Glad you got back alright.

                      I just pulled an m50 out of a wrecked e36 at work. Let me know if you can't find another to replace it, or just contact Zygmunt Motors (215 348 3121)


                        Hey man, thanks anyway :)

                        I've got an S52 lined up but if that falls through I'll be in touch!
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                          You might want to consider AAA premier.. 5 tows a year with 200miles free.

                          ive had my car towed from summit back to baltimore, then from baltimore to philly, the only thing i did was tip the driver because it was an e30 m3.

                          its worth its price for sure. never get stuck again.

                          glad it all worked out,
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                            Yeh, definitely going to consider AAA now.
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                              Our friend Arthur from A&R Auto Towing saved the day. He saw my facebook call for help and was on the road at 8 am from Brooklyn, NY to get Betty.

                              Luckily I still have an S52 and ZF tran with low miles from my parts car so Betty will be even better than before. Few friends are getting together this weekend to pull both motors so she should be back on the road in just few weeks!
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