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    well the grand prix was awesome. took SOOOO many pictures.
    cars were LOUD, the porsche saftey car was cool to see. scca saftey truck was there too.

    BMW held 1st and 3rd with corvette in 2nd and 4th. corvette had the straights, but bmw was much faster through the corners and the chicane.

    snuck into the pit area, talked to the teams, saw their monitoring stations that was pretty cool. got some really good pics of bmw and corvette pit stops, will post up tomorrow.

    ear drums hurt, tired, and happy as fuck!

    thanks joe for the tickets.


      That is just Qualifying :)

      My partner is there to take pictures. Heard the track is botched a bit with brand new asphalt down and a made up chicane on the straight that was made with curbing and asphalt. Media situation is a cluster as they handed out... 800 credentials and have 200 photo vest. The guy handling it quit 2 weeks ago... think it was suggested he quit. Really dumb.