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    Custom Metal fabrication services

    Hello R3v,
    I have finally got completely settled in with my new career and i am offering my services and materials to fellow R3Vers at greatly discounted rates.
    Our engineering firm has endless skill to offer, and our shop has countless dollars in metal manufacturing equipment .

    We have everything from
    -Computer guided plasma
    -Milling machines
    -3/4" shears
    -1k ton breaks
    -rollers for 1.5"
    -tubing and pipe rollers, benders and notchers
    -full range of welding
    -Media blasting
    -Powder coating
    and much more

    If you have a perticular part you would like made, post or PM me and i can give you an estimated cost

    Items i have on the shelf already
    -1/8 (3.17mm) 4 lug 57.1 center wheel spacers aluminum (stainless available)
    -3/16 (4.76mm) 4 lug 57.1 center wheel spacers aluminum (stainless available)
    -Rear shock droop eliminators (keeps the tires from drooping as much when jacking to change tires, also adds shock travel to lowered cars)

    Many more suspension parts are being stress tested and will be available shortly including
    -Camber corrected rear control arms for H&R race/IE3 springs using stock dimension subframe and control arm bushings
    -Rear control arms with dropped spindles, camber and toe corrected.
    (lowers the vehicle while retaining factory suspension geometry)
    -Front subframe with A arm lower control arms
    -Tubular rear subframe with tubular rear control arms (geometry corrected throughout rage of motion)

    I will update once the parts are done being tested and ready to hit the market.

    Colonial Engineering and Fabrication
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    i'd be very interested in the rta's with droped spindles and camber/toe corrected. how much would pricing be around? also whats the benefit of A arm lca?
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