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True mileage unknown titles

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    True mileage unknown titles

    I have a car I am interested in selling, but the cluster has a bad speedo. How strict is maryland with true mileage unknown titles? If I replace the speedo head, with something that has significantly less miles, I would have to fill out an odometer disclosure statement, or something like that?
    Supatek -noun - your basic know it all

    If the mileage is significantly lower all you have to do is check the box on the title stating that the odometer reading is not the actual mileage. This keeps you legally in the clear, and there is no further action that you need to take other than pointing that fact out to the buyer. Unfortunately this also brands the title as mileage inaccurate, but that flag often vanishes when the car is sold in another state or when the MVA clerk makes an error when inputting information.

    For some people this is a big deal, but as we know, E30s are known to break gears, and at this point 80%+ of the cars have inaccurate mileage.