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November 5, GTG in Columbus, OH @ alex's

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    Originally posted by vlad
    Do you know anybody else who built that many bad ass E30s?


      Well - what a trip, but quite worth it.

      Wednesday we were at the garage until 11 working on the car, Thursday night Mark (wastedincome) and Jarvis headed up around 7 to finish what they could (I had to work until 11). When I got out I met them there, they took off (work and school) and I stayed until around 2:30. When I left there was still no starter in the car and some odds and ends that had to be addressed.

      Back up at 6, met at my gf's and picked up the trailer, then went to the garage and pushed the car on.

      Just over 14 hours later, we arrived in C-bus, and met at Alex's garage. The car went in the air and Alex put on the starter, Will fiddled with the hood latch and prop, and I grabbed some odds and ends (drain plug for radiator, tstat neck, some switches, etc) and we got the car almost done. Attempted to cut the old bumper shocks off the bronzit rear bumper from Jarvis's car, but with no luck (and killed a sawzall!)

      Called it a day at 3 am, went to crash for a few hours at the hotel. Back up at 7:30, got some breakfast, picked up some hardware and cutting disks for the rear bumpers, back to Alex's. Finally got the bumper finished and Dave showed up while we were putting it on. While Dave swapped his steering wheel and whatnot, the rest of the guys showed up, a lot more than I expected! Hung out, checked out all the e30's, got my car ready to head back.

      Left town around 3:30, got back around 7 am this morning, dropped the cabbie off at the garage, returned the trailer, and headed home for some rest.

      I'd do it all over again in a heartbeat. It was great to see Alex again, meet Dave, Will, Charlie (losing blood for me even!) and all you other guys. Wish we could have stayed longer or relaxed a little bit - we'll have to try again in the spring or something.

      Thanks to everyone that helped get this together and make it work. I couldn't have done it without everyone involved - it really makes you feel good knowing that there's a community of e30 owners ready to help each other out.


        No problem Scott ;) I even got in trouble for staying late on Friday night lol Meh, its ok. Glad to know you got home safely.

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        Originally posted by george graves
        If people keep quoting me in their sig, I'm going to burn this motherfucker down.