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M Madness 2016 - Every M Model ever?

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    M Madness 2016 - Every M Model ever?

    Hello r3vLimited.

    We are hosting an M event/gathering at BMW of Peoria on June 25. Our goal is to have one of every M Model ever produced in one lineup as well as welcome all other BMWs to fill the rest of the lot. We already have a strong showing with an expected 40+ cars attending including some of the rarest models including the original M1.

    If you are curious about our current status of completing the lineup, here is the URL to the list.

    We need your help to finish the list and hope to see you there!
    (PS there is food and drinks so come ready to fill up)

    Untitled-1 by bengal027, on Flickr

    We have almost every model of BMW M car ever this Saturday and want anyone who can to attend. There will be free entry, food, and drink as well as a ton of sweet cars. It is a rare opportunity to see all of the M cars together outside of BMW Welt in M√ľnchen.

    (for those that want to help, we are only missing the E34 M5, 1M and M2. If we get these last few cars we will have every model ever which is basically epic.)